You Want To Know ME?!

I’m on Ravelry! I’m Preita if you want to look me up! 

I currently live in Ridgefield, Washington just this side of the wonderfully weird Portland with The Best Husband in the Whole Wide World, the best dog I could ask for & 3 pretty decent cats.  I take pictures almost every single day.  If the house was burning I would make Matt herd all 3 cats out of the house while I took pictures of it burning. Seriously. 

I’m a compulsive know it all (or trying to be), bossy (we call this “A Natural Born Leader” thank you very much), and loyal to a fault.  My dream is to litterally “Be rich and do nothing”. I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up and it haunts me to this day.  I will write about everything and anything that pops into my head and I probably will tell you way to much information.

I knit. A lot. Seriously  A LOT. This blog has much knitting content to be had. If I could knit in my sleep I would, but the Mr won’t let me try as he fears that I would poke his eye out (which I doubt very much).

I have started writing, something that I never once pictured myself doing.  Ever.  I can easily talk faster than the speed of light (and will most likely die in mid conversation) but I could never write the required 8-10 page short story in school, but something seems to have changed and now, roughly  600 pages later I’m starting to think I might be on to something.

I love meeting new people who knit, farm, photograph or are totally into books as I am.  Portland probably is one of the most fun cities to live next to because there always seems to be something exciting to do or look at.


14 thoughts on “You Want To Know ME?!

  1. “If the house was burning I would make Matt herd all 3 cats out of the house while I took pictures of it burning.”

    Ok, first of all, I LOVE the concept of herding cats. If I ever want to laugh my head off, I start mentally picturing someone herding cats. Heehee.

    Second, I’d be right next to you taking pics. Hahaaa.

  2. “My dream is to litterally ‘Be rich and do nothing'”

    I don’t believe you. From your descriptions of yourself, you couldn’t possibly do nothing and be happy.

    Just sayin’.

  3. I am new to knitting, but hooked! I have knitted simple jumpers for an prphanage, and a jumper for my daughter.
    I now want to attempt mittens, but without a thumb. I have a pattern, but it is for babies and my daughter is 7.
    Would you know how to make it bigger????
    Or, do you have a better pattern or idea for me?

  4. Morning Prieta, Hope you both had a nice Thanksgiving! It is snowing here or has been since 5:30 AM, hoping it melts now so that Jim does not have to plow. I think Hallie (sp?) wanted to play w/Boo and is probably missing her now. Have you talked w/Mette today? She figured out our boy is actually a girl ! Oh happy day, and no end of teasing did I get this week! Carol

  5. Love your blog Prieta! We miss you at Anacapa and I love where you live. I’ve never been to Portland but this is definately on my list now! Take care and keep blogging and knitting!!

    Donna G.

  6. I was aimlessly searching for bizarre combinations of words on the Internet as I often do and somehow your site came up. I don’t usually take time to peruse strangers blogs since most of the time I can barely keep up with what is happening in my life. As crass as it sounds, I generally don’t give a dookie about people who choose to post the ramblings of their lives but you were different. You seem like a very interesting person with an even more interesting life. Almost like someone I would take the time to get to know in hopes of developing a good friendship (no, I’m not flirting!) If you ever correspond with strangers far, far away (but in the same galaxy) I would welcome the opportunity. I think it might be fun! Of course, if this seems downright creepy I would understand if you locked the doors and shut the blinds! Either way, it was great running across your blog. And for what it’s worth, you really seem to have a talent for photography. – Matt in Michigan

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