Hippy Crap to Calm Pissy Spirits.

A year ago I would have openly laughed at anyone saging a room or dwelling, now, it’s something I take semi seriously. Living in a 120 year old building I have a steady truce with the energies that live beside me but last week my landlord was in a side of the building’s basement we have all decided that does not belong to us.  I will not lie, as soon as I pulled up and saw the plumbers moving in and out of the wrong side of the basement my stomach cramped.  See, this building is old as hell and has seen a lot of things.  I have had very real experiences here and none have creeped me out (a whistle in the kitchen when I was totally alone in the bar? One only Matt and I used to call our dogs, our very personal “get your ass over here and pay attention to me you filthy canine” whistle was clear as day while I was by myself.

Well, in the basement things get different really damn fast.  It’s split into 3 parts.  The part right off the kitchen stairs, a bit of storage, and the rest.  I don’t like to go into the main part, it’s poorly lit, it’s damp, and I’ve heard things being tossed around down there but I’ve never felt THREATENED.  The storage is fine, apparently no one cares about storage.  The OTHER part of the basement is a different story completely.  It is not a place any person ever wants to be.  It’s filled with amazing things and I refuse to go look at them.  That part of the basement belongs to something else and I have decided to respect the crap out of that as long as they respect my apartment.

5 hours after the plumbers invaded the wrong side of the basement fixing a drain I got a call from my chef saying that my smoke alarm (1 of 2) was going off like crazy without any hint of smoke and my dogs were howling (even scarier is I wasn’t home and it wouldn’t’ stop), It went off again after I reset it out of no where an me not being in the apartment an hour later so I pulled the thing apart and took it downstairs.  I still had a smoke alarm and I’m not going to deal with it, The next night I heard a loud bang in my apartment while I was down in the bar, upstairs nothing was amiss (this was definitely not a dog thump), it was so solid a thump that I could feel it through the floor of the bar 14 feet below.

That night I knew that something was amiss and saged the fuck out of my apartment.  I did this when I first moved in mostly in a ritual to claim this space as mine and a place for positive energy for myself.  I decided that this would be a place of healing and progress and I wasn’t going to accept any crap into my space.  I saged every corner of this place with windows wide open feeling a little foolish and also determined.  I could have sprinkled fairy dust into each corner and thought happy thoughts and it would have had the same effect.  This was going to be my home and my first without Matt and I was going to make it the best I could.

Tonight my bartender told me that last Sunday she actually had to take a break while closing because she was so scared so suddenly that she almost broke down in tears.  This is from a woman who had worked before at the same bar for years without ever being bothered by anything in the bar.  I hadn’t even told her about my smoke alarms or thump.  Tonight I brought down the sage and gave it to my bartender working tonight.  Thankfully I seem to always employ at least one hippy who doesn’t give it a second thought.  We had invaded something’s space and now it was invading ours.

I know it sounds dumb and new agey but sometimes you have to accept that there are things you just can’t understand and that doesn’t make them any less real. I’ve probably had the least of all the experiences reported by my staff and patrons so tonight we sage and hopefully put the truce back in place.

And before you say it, no I don’t at all believe that Matt’s spirit is at the bar.  I believe he is in peace where ever we all go after we die.  He’s definitely not here, I don’t know how to explain it but I just know it deep in my heart, he’s gone and whatever I’m dealing with is not him.


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