Hello 30

Hey! It’s my birthday and at 10:59am CST I turn 30.  Pretty crazy right?  I won’t lie, I’ve been waiting for 30 for a long time.  If you know me I’m a fogy in training and getting older is honestly right up my alley.  I’m still waiting to be old enough to complain about “those damn kids” lol.


12 thoughts on “Hello 30

  1. Happy Birthday, Preita. And don’t be in too big a hurry to become an old fogey; that time comes fast enough. (This from an old fogey of 57.) Life is good; enjoy every minute!
    Nancy in Holland, MI

  2. Happy Birthday. Eight years to the day before you were born I had a birthday … in that I gave birth to a son. Since then he has, of course, claimed it as his birthday but that day I was the one doing the work. (He’s nice and always calls me to say it’s my birthday too.)
    Those damn kids… I’l bee your place holder.

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