Tailored Circle

I’ve been working with testers on my Rough Sea Wrap and it’s turning out amazing.  They have been so amazing at getting it a perfect pattern.  While they are knitting their fingers off I have been working on getting other things ready to test.  Things like a sweater I’ve been sitting on for a LONG time.

This has got to be one of my favorite ever sweaters.  It’s so cozy and light and frankly…perfect.  It’s knit in a fingering weight alpaca so it’s light and warm but just perfectly so.  A heavy sweater is a hard thing to wear all the time and this is really just the thing you want to put on and wear all the time.

The collar is what really makes this sweater fabulous and though it’s a lot of stitches and a lot of knitting it’s totally worth every inch.

The body is knit in reverse stockinette which creates a wonderful texture that’s just a little bit different.  I expect this sweater will be ready for testers by the end of next weekend.  I’ve really gotten a better flow for sweater patterns going that involves more of a spread sheet feel for stitch/ row counts so that it’s clean, easy to read, and easier to knit.



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