Dudes, I am way behind and have been a terrible blogger.  Things have been going on and frankly, I’m pooped most days.  About a month ago we had our sheep shorn.  After a week of really hot weather we had a great young guy come in and shave out sheep so they’d be cool and comfortable.

Herman (our big ram) was first and I’m pretty sure that this is probably the first time he’s ever been shorn.  He’s just over a year and his fleece was matted and gross to we just tossed it.  Next year though we’ll have wonderful cinnamon fleece off this big fella.


Herman is by far the most chill sheep on the face of the earth.  The Mr and I sometimes joke that he must be half goat because he enjoys our attention, comes up to get his chin scratched and will let you do just about anything you want to him.  For a ram (and a primitive more wild breed) it’s pretty amazing not to have any of the craziness our ewes have or to have to watch your back all the time with him.  Don’t get me wrong, we still keep a good set of eyes on him because he is a ram after all, but when he comes running up we are 99.9% sure it’s just to say hello.  This will all change when the girls are back in season and he gets a bit more manly but for now he’s just as sweet as any goat we have.

Our shearer was amazing and fast.  I am used to being along at my friend’s shearings and frankly…nothing could be more exhausting.  My good friends Tom & Mette have 70 some icelandic sheep and just as many (if not more) alpacas and llamas.  It is more than a one day event.  Shearing an alpaca is not at all like shearing a sheep.  It’s longer, it’s more physical, and it involves a tilt squeeze.

In all, the sheep were done in less than an hour and bald as the day they were born.  They look so silly but at least now they are cool and we have that behind us.

We also had a surprise last weekend.  One of our ewes who wasn’t supposed to be bred gave us a ram lamb.  I know exactly when this happened because I was there.  Herman broke our gate while I was feeding, jumped on this ewe and her sister once before I could get him back where he was supposed to be again.  Apparently once was enough because Coco gave us a pretty little black lamb.  He’s small but healthy and bouncy.  I have no doubt that in another month he’ll be caught up with the other three lambs.  Beefcake (pictured above) is huge.  His mama gave us a beefy lamb last year too and I think this is her specialty.  The other ram lamb (sausage) is an egg on legs.  He isn’t getting tall but he is getting super wide.  It’s a little ridiculous honestly.  Ethel, our little girl is pretty and just as big as the boys.  Not bad for two first time mama’s.

This is a photo of little Stew about an hour after he was born and discovered in the field.  Coco never even looked pregnant but she’s been a pretty wonderful mom so far.

Sausage shows you how wide he is.

Herman really is a wonderful ram.  He puts up with just about anything, even chicken rides.



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  1. Missed my GOAT fix…………but I feel better now!

    Speaking of surprise births…Ivy had two pups a few hours before we got home from a week long vacation. She certainly did not look PG when we left. Our house sitter called me when we were in the Roadrunner shuttle – about 45 mins from home. She almost screemed “I just got in from work and Ivy has two puppies!!! Where did they COME FROM?!” More to that story later……but she knew what to do when the time came and is such a good little Mommy. Everyone is doin’ okay.

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