Strigose Cowl Now Available

My strigose cowl is now available!  I can’t tell you how beautiful the tests turned out! I’ll just show you!

They turned out so amazingly!  Also, I have a new design fresh off the blocking wires!

I have not been blogging so much these past three weeks which I apologize for.  I’ve been crazy busy with work and the farm and all sorts of OTHER stuff.  I have lots of pictures (goat pictures) to share this weekend and maybe even some news that I’ve been sitting on for a while.

See, things went down about a month ago that I wasn’t really willing or ready to talk about.  Life changing news (and not the OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME! kind either).  I took some time to look inward and harden my shell a little bit.  I’m an odd mix of completely extroverted guarded person.  I am free about my happiness and addresses, my embarrassing mistakes, my failures, and triumphs but this was beyond those things.  This needed some time to just be and for the Mr and I to recover.  It was a sort of phoenix moment and I finally feel as if the wind has picked up and started to blow away the ash of the old and what lays ahead of us, our rebirth, is exciting, terrifying, and brilliant.  I know I am the luckiest woman in the world to have such an amazing family, such fantastic friends, the worlds best husband, two dogs that make me laugh and snuggle me when I need it, and a wonderful base of blog readers who don’t know me but leave such fantastically supportive comments.

I love you all.




4 thoughts on “Strigose Cowl Now Available

  1. Your cowl looks awesome, I have to put it in my queue for later. I’m glad it’s looking up again for you. You seem to be extremely busy. Love your goat picture too, never can get enough of those. 🙂

  2. Ooh, GORGEOUS knits! (And, DOH! I just bought two skeins of Tosh last weekend, just because the shop had some in. Wish I’d bought sport weight!)

    So glad to see you blogging. 🙂 Missed you!

  3. Don’t forget your family in Vacaville. We love you and Matt too. We’re coming north this summer. Maybe we’ll be able to visit. Would love to see the goats…you two too of course!

  4. The cowl is really beautiful in every color combination. I hope you are hanging in there with your bad news and your ultra-busy-ness!

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