Strigose Cowl

I remember back in the day when all I’d post up here would be knitting.  Now I post more about the farm than anything else don’t I?  Well, what can I say?  People love goats (and who can blame them?!) I LOVE GOATS.  So yeah, there is a lot of goating going on here.  But I do still knit.  I think the reason I don’t post as many “I MADE THIS” posts is because I’ve been designing a lot more.  It’s a lot more work and slower going when you design something, scribble down a line of pattern, knit a little more, realize that your pattern repeat doesn’t work for the second pass, sigh heavily (and you do) then scribble down some more lines.  Oddly as good as I am a knitting math (and I’m really damn good at knitting math) final stitch counts kick my butt so hard.  I can work the same numbers 4 different times and come up with 4 different final stitch counts.  Yeah, it’s dumb and frustrating.  But this project was not.  It came together in a breeze (probably because the pattern translated from another already tested pattern quite easily) and frankly, I love it.  I have been wearing it non-stop since the Mr and I turned off the heat in the house.

The Strigose Cowl is a nod to my Strigose Shawl!  It uses the same slipped/ twisted stitch pattern in two different colors then translates into smooth stockinette for the center in a vibrant pop of color!

I used three skeins of MadelineTosh Sport from the Stash.  1 each of charcoal, mare (which might actually be marine if it wasn’t written wrong because I don’t understand how mare is blue) and citrus.  The smooth yarn was beautiful to work with, it’s so tightly spun and bouncy that the cowl is cozy, stretchy, and beautiful.

That Strigose pattern is so mesmerizing!

And that pop of color! I think it just makes it.  I’m working on a small cowl version right now that would only use 2 skeins since I think people like the option of using less yarn.  This pattern is open for testers right now and I think one of them is actually going to make this in fingering weight because she is a petite thing and infinity scarves are too long for her so I’m excited about that.  Think of this pattern in a variegated yarn for the strigose pattern!  I can’t wait to see this knit up by other knitters!

I have also started working on a wrap version of the Rough Sea’s Shawl.  I don’t have any pictures right now because it is just a blob on the needles but it’s turning out quite wonderfully.  It’s knit in a way I haven’t done before and something that makes this a totally new pattern with out just turning my existing stitches into a rectangle.  I think it’s really quite special and I can’t wait to get to that pretty lace border with all those nice edges.  I’m just about there but, *sigh*, I am charting it out and making adjustments to make sure it fits nicely in pattern.  This is my most un-favorite part of the whole process but hopefully I’ll be on track today and this project will be off the needles (and ready to be blocked, photographed and blogged) by the end of next week.




5 thoughts on “Strigose Cowl

  1. Dunno what happened to the lighting up your way, but…the whole set of cowl photos (your new hairdo included) is flattering as all get out. Oh, yes, the cowl is a stunner!! Great work all around. Every knitter needs great photos to display the stuff, so…designing takes teamwork, I see.

  2. You have such a good eye for high contrast colors. Nice touch that orange, but then I am an orange kind of gal.

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