Queue It Down

I am right now at this moment declaring March the month of working down my queue.  I have been so involved in my own designs that I have put my own personal knits aside for quite long enough.  Since I’ll soon have 2 shawls ready to publish (as soon as they are out of testing) I figure it’s a nice time to take a creative break and work on what other people have so beautifully designed.  I’m working right now on my Color Affection – with a kit from the Plucky Knitter – though I have to admit that the colors are not my favorite now that I have them in my hand.  The shawl is easy enough to knit and the result will be stunning so maybe I’ll give this one away and knit another for myself.

So back to the queue.  I have 31 days so I’m going to try for at least 15 finished projects.  I know I can do it.  Here’s a random sampling of what I’m going to try to go for this month.

1. Naalepuder A super cute pin cushion that has been in my queue since April 2010
2. Pamuya A clever shawl that’s been in my queue since September 2010
3. Inspira A cowl that I’m totally obsessed with that combines color in amazing ways
4.Ace Fingerless Mitts Cute wooly cabled mitts
5. Cowgirl Cowl a fun and smart cowl with a tassel I love
6. Hüttenschuhe Slippers with smart shaping!
7. Kaleidoscope Fingerless Mitts Crocheted granny square mitts
8. Harmony Shawl This is new and SUPER pretty.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this lace in a shawl before
9. Daisy Shawlette circular shawls are all the rage but I’ve never knit one yet.
10. Narnia Shawl is just plain pretty
11. Cloud Illusions
12. Sunshadow Tam
13. Fagus
14. Dustland Hat
15. Norie

I don’t know how far I’ll get but I’m hoping I’ll get through half of it!


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