I’ve been knitting even if I haven’t been talking about it.  Weird I know but that’s just how things have been.  I’ve either been on a deadline, exhausted by technical number crunching questions from my testers, or focused on farm stuff.  I still knit though and here is some proof.

I knit a second Strigose Shawl to test my pattern before it went to testers.  This is actually out of sport weight yarn and came out quite large.  I like the contrast though.

I like how it came out but I’m not sure how often I’ll wear a shawll this big.

And of course I love love love the loops!  Look, you can wear it as a scarf and make it secure with out a shawl pin.  Neat right?

Then there is this shawl I started in the ER when I was sure I’d broken my ankle.  It was a fast easy knit and blocked out HUGE.

I’m going to offer this as a free pattern since it’s so easy.

I also knit this hat for my friend Corey who’s a pretty funny guy.  That’s his logo.

And because I’m a little bit insane sometimes I made it in double knit so that it’s reversable.  This was actually my first double knitting experience and it was kinda fun.

I also knit my cousin this cardigan.  It’s the Chloe Cardigan (you can find it on my ravelry page) and frankly, I’ll be honest…I wasn’t convinced by this knit up until the point it was finished.  It’s knit in two rectangles, then seamed together in the back and folded over for the arms.  At everyh single point in knitting this sweater I would try it on and frown while thinking “I just don’t know.”  It wasn’t until I had knit both cuffs that I finally GOT it.  See, I’m not a slouchy sweater person.  I don’t have time to mess with making sure my sweater says closed or on my shoulders.  I’m not stylish enough to DO that.  So when I was knitting this and the pictures were all slouchy I was unconvinced of the sweater.

The cuffs lock it into place.  They are just tight enough that this sweater stays put.  I don’t know how and I don’t know why but it works.  I almost didn’t put them on because the sleeves seemed long enough but at the last minute I was like “ah screw it” and did.  Thank god I did!

And because I can’t resist adding something crazy in…here are my leaping sheep.


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  1. That’s a lot of knitting. Great FO’s, all of them! I can’t believe this hat was your first double knit! I really dislike double knitting, even though there are many cool patterns out there.

  2. I canna beLIEVE that leaping sheep. Talk about frolicsome!
    And your Chloe, well, all that’s missing is a view of how the front lies (lays?)…stunning achievement, Preita, given your valorous trek back from the fall in the barn and the visit to the ER.

  3. What stitch is that is being used on the main portion of the cardigan? Love it but want to make sure it’s not brioche – which I hate, lol. I’m not terribly savvy at determining stitches from a picture. Thanks. Looks like it would at least be interesting enough not to get bored. Lion Brand has the same sort of cardigan/shrug pattern free but it’s stockinette and I think I might die of boredom. I’d rather pay for this pattern and keep myself a bit interested. Thanks!

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