Let’s Celebrate!

A few things have been going on in the last week which is why I’ve remained silent.  Last Thursday I stepped down into the goat stall as I was getting ready to put everyone away for the night, and I rolled my ankle.  Seriously, I heard that gross popping sound and I face planted into the straw.  Thing was is that though I am usually awesome and paranoid about bringing my phone with me at all times I decided not to take off my muck boots and go back into the house to retrieve my phone not 5  minutes before.  So there I was, laying on my face in agony with the almost certainty that I’d broken my ankle.  My husband wasn’t due home for another 2 hours and it is a long way back from the barn to the house when you are a cripple.

So I sat there for a moment and took a deep breath of the musky straw of the goat stall and remembered that I am not the ‘wait to be saved’ type.  I go onto my knees – my poor unreliable angry knees – and crawled out of the stall trying not to hit my foot to hard on the floor below because every tap was agony.  I used bits of straw and fallen hay as knee pads as I crawled on my hands and knees down the cement hallway toward the door.  The whole time – and this is probably stupid – I was physically saying to myself “I can do this.” over and over again.  Every shuffle of the knee and hand was “I can do this.”  Oddly though I still wasn’t crying.

Pretty pathetic right? Yeah, well, I knew once I got to the door of the barn I had 20 feet of mud to the fence and a bunch of goats who wanted their grain more than anything so I decided I’d test it.  I pulled myself to my feet and with the aid of one of the Mr’s many 2×4’s I took my first tentative step.  It hurt like hell but I could move.  So I did.  I used that 2×4 as a bastardized cane and moved as quickly as I could through the barnyard and through the yard and into the house where I had enough thought to grab and icepack before falling onto the couch and reclining as far as I could to elevate the offending joint.  I went fast because I knew that I was working on adrenaline and that it would probably wear off at any moment.  And it did.  Just about the moment I heard my husband’s voice on the other end of the phone.

So yeah.  We had a lovely little ER trip to our local hospital where I was checked in by a woman too bored with me to stop looking at houses and who got snippy with me about my -completely abnormal for me – high blood pressure.  HA! You know, the only people who make a big deal out of that are people who’ve never been hurt so bad they needed to go to the ER before.  Unless you’ve felt that fear and pain you can shut your sweet ass up.  My blood pressure was high because I was in pain, because I was terrified I wasn’t going to make it out of the barn by myself, because I had already broken this ankle when I was 13 and have two screws in it, and I was terrified that I would be out of commission for 8 weeks.

People, I have stuff to do.  I’m too busy to be a cripple for that long.

So 4 hours later I was greeted with the news that it was NOT broken.  People, I felt like I had just won the lottery at that point.  Everything else didn’t matter, I was as good as gold.

So yeah. My wonderful husband took amazing care of me for the next 3 solid days.  I hobbled on crutches and scooted around the house on a rolly chair and did my best to keep completely off it for that time.  The swelling went down and the bruising came – omg it is SO bruised! – and I’m able to walk around pretty confidently now with aid of a brace.

To celebrate let’s have a contest!  Comment here with your worst injury and I’ll pick 5 random people (with help of the random number generator) to win 3 patterns of mine of their choice.  You have until Monday the 27th before I’ll pick my winners.

And though this has nothing to do with the post here are some goats.



18 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!

  1. I was rather accident-prone as a kid so I have three contenders. The first was jumping off a cousin’s swingset barefoot and my heel sinking onto a rusty nail sticking out of a board. A few years later I was shuffling my feet in our lovely ’70s shag and a pencil in the carpet pierced the ball of my foot. Both ends were sticking out, the point near the sole of my foot and the eraser near my toes. Last one was when I rode a shopping cart into the parking lot and it tipped over and smashed my finger. I shook my hand and felt something flapping — my fingernail, I thought. Turned out to be the tip of my finger. My mom nearly fainted — I didn’t realize that my white sweater was now sprayed with blood. (Sorry, Mom.) The ER doc said “Not you again,” when he saw me. He’d removed the pencil from my foot the year before.

  2. I’m not sure if you are looking for worst as in horrible or worst as in embarrassing, so to make you chuckle I will tell you embarrassing.

    I was 9. My family was at a family reunion on a lake in South Dakota. All of us kids were taking turns going down the big water slide. I was next to go down, with a throng of kids behind me not-so-patiently waiting their turn after me. My plan was to go down head first as soon as the kid who went down before me was out of my way. The impatient kids behind me pushed me, I went down the slide head first and **SMACK** right into the back of the kid’s head with my nose. According to my cousins I did a flip into the lake and screamed my lungs out. I dislocated the cartlidge on my nose and after surgery I got to wear a cute little cast on my nose for the next two weeks. Lucky for me my mom and dad were getting remarried during that time so I got to wear the cast in the wedding.

  3. I am so glad your ankle isn’t broken [again!]. And that you have an awesome, caretaking hubby. They’re the best.

    I don’t have much in the way of injury…can I go with illness? I had eclampsia at 28 weeks’ pregnancy (three months early) – seizures that put me out of consciousness and into an ambulance and an emergency c-section. Oh, wait, there’s my injury! I bit my tongue so badly during the seizures that it took longer to heal than my c-section incision.

  4. Oh Preita, so sorry you had to go through that. My worst injury has to be my ruptured disk in my back, which flares up every few years and sends me into TERRIBLE agony. Sometimes for weeks at a time, followed by months of physical therapy. Not fun.

    But the funniest trip to the ER (in retrospect) had to be this one: When I was 12, on a visit to Key Largo, I sat on a Portuguese Man-O-War. Yes, the poisonous jellyfish. I was building a sand castle in the surf and it must have washed up right where I had been sitting, and I just sat right on it.

    My parents drove me to the ER and my mom ran into the hospital to sign me in, while I waddled behind her. They were telling her about all the paperwork she was going to have to do before I could be admitted when I made it through the door screaming bloody murder. I got whisked right in.

    It turned out OK — by an hour or two later, I was resting and eating ice cream. I don’t remember what drug they used for me, but I *do* remember that the lifeguard’s first resort did not help: meat tenderizer. No joke.

  5. Is it bad when I laughed at the thought of you having to crawl through the mucky barnyard to get to the house??? yes yes it is…..sorry. Glad you didn’t have to do that and that you are on the mend!
    I guess I’m thinking if it was me I’d be laughing at myself after the fact.

    I think my worst injury was probably when I 9 maybe. I was playing with my brother outside with a rugby ball. The flagstone’s were a tad wet from the rain and I slipped and cranked my chin on the flagstone busting it open. I can still remember the doctor sewing it up and tugging on the thread…*shudders* I have a lovely little scar to show for it.

  6. So glad to hear that your ankle isn’t broken. I have left leg stories…Broke it in fourth grade while ice skating, and again in fifth grade when I slipped while running around a huge oak tree’s roots. In high school I managed to need surgery twice on my left knee. I even attended my junior prom on crutches…yes, you can slow dance in a full length cast, LOL!
    Luckily, I have not had any major injuries as an adult (knock wood)!

  7. Let’s see. I’ve broken my wrist and my nose, been hit by a car as a pedestrian, and flipped over my handle bars and knocked myself out in the middle of the road–a nice case of road rash on my face with that one. But probably the craziest thing that happened to me happened when I was 12, two days before starting 7th grade at a new school. My family went to a local children’s museum and I was running around playing in a fountain with my little brother, when the T-strap on my sandal broke, my foot slid out of my shoe and into the metal grate we were running on. I slit the top of my toe open vertically up to the first joint–even through the nail bed and everything. I was screaming like crazy and bleeding everywhere and there was public “the fountain uses recycled water” water running all over my open wound. My dad had to carry me through the parking lot and we rushed to the ER, where they had to stitch my toe back together. But the worst part was getting the numbing injection and the tetanus shot at the base of my toes…hurt worse than the actual injury. I think at one point I said (screamed is more accurate) we could leave my toe open and I’d just go home if they would stop stabbing me between my toes. I then had to wear a special boot for the next four weeks to protect my foot. And then I had to go to junior high the next day, not knowing anyone with my gimp boot. That was actually how I met one of my best friends in junior high and high school. She stepped on my foot on the first day of school. Awesome.

  8. Good to hear you didn’t break you ankle. Hope you’re back at 100% soon.

    Let’s see, I’ve broken a toe, almost broke my nose, sliced off a finger tip, took a hacksaw to a thumb (just a scratch, thankfully) and have almost rolled my ankle a number of times. The worst injury involved my left hand and a bit of duct work. My parents were renovating our house and had to get a bit of duct work up to the roof so it could go down the chimney. I was feeding rope through the ducts while my mom was shaking it to get the rope all the way through. During one shake, my knuckle and the duct collided and the duct won. I ended up at the hospital with 6 stitches and a splint on my finger so everything could heal up. Gave everyone the finger for a week.

  9. So glad to hear it’s not a break. My story involves a “robot coupe ” (restaurant -grade jumbo food processor), and a volunteer shift helping the pastry chef prepare walnut pie crust for a Valentine’s Day special. Well, long before, the plastic tab that ensures the machine won’t run unless the lid is fastened securely, had broken off, and our “maintenance geek” had rigged a lightswitch for the new on/off switch safety -be -damned. When you grind walnuts in a food processor, sometimes the shaft overheated and you can’t lift the main blade out. So, I’m in a fine dining restaurant, working a 14 hour shift, and turn the food processor over to dump the nuts out so I can get on with the rest of the project.

    I was holding the center shaft of the blade when the sleeve of my chef coat flopped the lightswitch on. I felt it chop three or four times into my finger before it registered in my brain to turn the machine back upright.

    Immediately I clamped my good hand onto my fingertip and found my boss (now my husband, see, happy ending), who drove me to a quickcare clinic. No permanent damage, thank heavens, and my nurse was snotty, too. I remember her saying to the doctor that it was nothing, but once he gave my finger a shot of novacaine, he was able to clean it and sew it up.

    Certainly could have been much worse 🙂

  10. Glad to hear that you are up and around – running a farm of any size is not for the faint of heart or the injured.

    My worst injury was when I broke both elbows while at a roller rink with my kids – some other skater ran into me and I fell back onto the floor. I lucked out mightily as I only broke the elbows and didn’t hurt my back. I spent the next few weeks using a cooking fork to eat with (can’t bend the elbows far enough to feed myself with a regular set of utensils), wearing only oversize t-shirts and undies since I couldn’t dress myself and not driving anywhere due to pain meds. The good part was the lack of stress – no one expected anything of me during that time.

    My kids were homeschooled so that was easier than getting them out of the house each day and they helped me with normal activities.

    That was the year I wish I could forget; broke the elbows, house was condemmed due to roadwork, operation on one elbow to remove bad scar tissue, husband walked out (to marry his girlfriend) and moving into a new house. Life has gotten easier since then.

  11. I, too, love the goat photos. We have a photo of one of our calves wearing my straw summer hat at the fair. Yes, we were both at the fair.

    As for a major injury, well, I am not the one prone to injury in my family. I am the one who cleans up after and nurtures the injured to wellness. To wit, my best story:

    My DD and I were at Girl Scout camp and we came home on a Sunday morning. We walked into the house and there was blood spots all over the carpet, a bloody steak knife next to my husband’s chair and none of my sons or husband anywhere around. This was before cell phones, so I had no way to get anyone on the phone that would know anything, so I put away our camping gear. By the time I was done, I heard the truck doors slam shut and my two boys came running in the door.

    ‘We had to take Dad to the hospital’ was all they said as they ran into their bedroom. They were followed by their father on crutches with his right foot bandaged.

    My husband uses toothpicks all the time. He always has some of the cellophane wrapped ones in his shirt pocket so he has them available. They are on his desk, on top of the TV, on his dresser… well you get the picture. Often I find them on the floor from where someone knocks them off. I pick them up before someone steps on them. SInce I was gone for three days at Girl Scout camp, no one picked them up.

    My hubby went walking through the living room barefooted and stepped right on a toothpick, running it into his foot. Just to be sure he really messed it up, he asked the boys to bring him a steak knife to dig it out. In his digging, he managed to wedge the toothpick between two bones in his foot, making it harder to get the toothpick out. None of my kids were old enough to drive, so he had to drive himself to the ER to have the toothpick removed. The doctor told him ‘I don’t bale hay, because I don’t know how. From now on, let me do the surgery.’

    Needless to say, after 13 years we still tease hubby about toothpicks.

  12. Probably my worst and stupidest injury was when I was snowmobiling and was taking a corner too sharp. The machine started to roll and in my wisdom I thought I could stop it and pulled my shoulder out. That was 20 years ago and it still have problems with my shoulder.

    Love, love, love the goat pics as usual.

  13. Sorry it happened, but glad it wasn’t too bad.

    My worst injury was when my husband tried to teach me how to play soccer. I missed the ball, which was wet, since it had rained earlier that day. My foot came down on the ball, slid off and I landed on the side of my ankle. The doctor told me my sprain was so bad, I would have been better off if I had broken it. Told me, he wasn’t sure if it would ever heal correctly, had to be in a cast for 10 weeks and out of work. It was crazy, luckily I only have a little trouble with my ankle, it mostly healed correctly.

    I have to say, I think the flower headband is my favorite so far! Or maybe I am just hoping too much for Spring to arrive!

  14. Hooray for no fracture! That would’ve majorly sucked. In 1990, I was sunning myself on a dock in a lake in upstate NY on vacation with my parents & sisters. My sister’s boyfriend hot wired a jet ski & tried to turn it quickly so he’d create a wave & splash me. Asshole lost control of the jet ski, it flew out from under him and up on the dock. My family tells me I tried to jump out of the way but it crushed my left foot (luckily nothing was broken). It took six months to heal and was disgusting at every stage of healing. My sister broke up with the asshole & now you can hardly see the scar on my foot. THE END

  15. Love your blog which I located a couple of months ago. So sorry for your injury and the hassle. I happen to work at a trauma center so I know lots about ankles and the problems they can (continue to) cause. We take them for granted but they are fantastic as a joint. And once weakened, can be vulnerable. The shawl you knit during the experience is beautiful.

    My injury was a broken wrist when I was 11. No big deal. Actually, because my sister and I were doing something we shouldn’t (up in the attic) and I fell through the ceiling when I mis-stepped. I was so afraid of getting into “BIG” trouble that the wrist seemed small in comparison. Funny how your perspective changes as you grow up.

    Please keep writing and showing pictures about the wonderful animals on the farm…and your life and knitting of course.

  16. NOTHING stupid about motivating yourself out of fear & pain and into action. I hope you feel proud.

    Between sports, martial arts and my own klutziness, I’ve too many injuries to list, which is just as well – knitting needles may be too dangerous for my personal safety. :-).

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