Surprise! There’s Babies!

So for my Christmas present from the Mr I got 3 La Mancha milk goats.  2 does and 1 buck.  The girls were dry and needed to be bred (if the buck hadn’t already done his job).  I am not a pro at goat breeding so I watched and fretted and HOPED that my man had gotten the girls.  I spent weeks staring at them with a serious frown debating if they were pregnant at all.  I mean, nothing seemed to really be happening.  Then last week I mentioned to the Mr.  “Dude, Hannah’s bag has blown up!” which is not a sentence I would have ever thought I’d utter, (HA! Udder!! ok I’m a dork), in a million years.  Let me translate this sentence to you non-goat to you non-goat types.  A bag is an udder, and blowing up is when it fills with milk.  Basically Hannah told me in her goaty way, “Lady, I’m totally pregnant and you’ve got babies on the way”.  I was pleased.

So I started to think about the things I’d need to do before the babies come.  I needed to clean out the last stall in the barn and switch the goats around so that mama could be by herself when she gave birth, I’d need to have colostrum and bottles on hand in case a baby didn’t feed, and I’d be prepared, because you know, I’m kind of obsessive that way.

Well…when the goat books tell you that the goat’s udder swells you have a month they are lying.  You don’t.  I had a week. I didn’t know that though till yesterday morning.  That’s when I went out to the barn as my usual routine to let everyone out and feed them when I spied 2 tiny little forms in the stall and a THIN Hannah!

Someone had babies when my back was turned.

And my god they are beautiful! I know I squealed and ran around like an idiot.  I worried that they wouldn’t be taken care of if I didn’t do it, but that’s dumb.  By the time I moved goats around and got Hannah and her twins into the stall they will be staying in I noticed they were active, healthy, dry, and warm.  Hannah is a great mom.

I was blessed with one little girl (above) and one little boy (the black kid) and I’m pleased as punch.  I was terrified that I would get all boys.  No, they don’t have names yet because I can’t think of any but I’m sure we’ll get around to it.

they are so perfect and tiny that I can’t get enough of them!  Right now they are about the size of Chihuahuas!

(Excuse my terrible expression.  I was trying to deal with my camera in the low light of the barn).  They are sweet as punch and I can’t wait for DD (my other doe) to follow suite in a couple of weeks.  Then after that you know what? LAMBS!


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