Rocking Out

You guys, I am so overwhelmed by all your kindness and your wonderful comments.  I’m responding to all of them as I can.  I find that if I write back all at once they tend to be generic and I hate that.  So I’ve had kind of an awesome 2012 so far and it’s not even 33 days into the year! (Lets pepper this post with some goats shall we? It just makes everything better.)

1. My testers are JUST about done with my Coastal Waters Shawl which is turning out BEAUTIFULLY.  They have worked so hard and so completely that this will be such an easy shawl to knit when I publish it.  It is a study in slipped stitches and really fun and interesting!

2. I’ve just finished another shawl design that I’m pretty sure is one of the neatest things I’ve done because it was with out planning and just spur of the moment.  I just really dig it.

3.  I’m fairly certain that at least one of my goats is pregnant and that 3 of my sheep are which rocks my world.

4. I finally was able to string together 150 words for my Ariel synopsis to eventually put into an agent letter.  It took the help of my wonderfully honest cousin, my best friend, and the Mr who spent a half an hour alone re-writing the last line but I think it might actually be what I’m looking for.  If you’ve never tried to compress a book into 150 short words it’s pure torture.  The first few attempts I had sounded as if they were written by grade school kids.

Through the eyes of the casual observer Portland may seem like just another city but just below the eco-friendly surface it’s a hub for forgotten gods, mythical creatures, and things that go bump in the night.  Standing between these two worlds is the arch angel Ariel.  Ariel is divine justice and keeps the peace between pantheons, creatures, and humans for as long as such things have existed.  It is her job – and her job alone – to make sure that everyone who walks among humans follows the laws set down by the most powerful of her kind.  Now someone or something is changing the game and setting its sights directly on the peacekeeper herself.  Now not only is the lion of heaven in grave peril but the world itself.

Right now things are going pretty good and I’m pretty pleased with myself.  I have some knitting to show you but I thought goats might be just the ticket 🙂


3 thoughts on “Rocking Out

  1. You are awesome!!!! Way to go on almost released shawl and the new shawl in the works! Also, I want to come live on the farm with you because those animals are to cute!!

  2. Your synopsis sounds great! Makes me want to read your book immediately! I guess I’ll have to be patient, though, and pass the time smiling at goats.

  3. My dear Preita, I’ve known you since junior high, circa 1996 to put it more or less in the middle. I know we had 9th grade science together with Mr. Kleppe. I’m sure you recall his thrift store ties and learning how to stay warm while camping in nothing but your fishnet underwear, because that is definitely on the top of my priority need-to-bring list when I go camping. Forget a frying pan. I need room for fishnet undies. Yes, they give me a wedgie, but golly do they keep my buns toasty!

    I cannot believe we were not better friends then. I guess it just proves that we are all assholes in junior high and eventually grow into people we actually want to be around. I mean I want to hang out with me now, so why wouldn’t you?! I am floored, right to the ground, flat on my ass, that for all the experiences we had apart from each other, and the few interactions we did have a decade and a half ago, we have each managed to become a woman the other would actually like to know. In person and in real life, and not just commenting on some super cool, want that life, wish I wrote that blog.

    You are witty, creative, dedicated, and brutally honest (one of my favorite traits I might add). The passion you have for having the life you want and need is inspiring. I’m not saying that only to flatter you, but because I think it’s something we as women need to hear. Your life makes you happy, and not many of us are able to actually state that. Way to go Preita.

    Now I need to come visit because I think I seriously need some time to laugh at and pet your goats. They are marvelous. And perhaps attempt to knit better than knit 2 purl 2. That might need more than a weekend though.

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