You People Are Awesome

So awesome in fact that I’ve got a goat post just for you all.  Your response to my Oulaw sweater was overwhelming and if you heard a high-pitched distant squeal that was coming from me running around my house and barn as you bumped me at one point to #2 on the “whats hot right now” list on Ravelry.   I did get reports that dogs from miles around lost their bananas for a few hours and I’m making restorations for that but guys, it felt so darn awesome.  The response was such a huge ego boost I can’t even describe it.  I’ve been turned down by twice, Interweave Knits twice, and Knit Scene once.  Then with a self published sweater I put a lot of thought and work into you all made me feel SO un-losery I can’t even begin to thank you.

Well, I can begin so I will…with goats.

Who on earth can resist a goat smile?  No one I say, NO ONE.  It’s kryptonite, you know it is.  You see a little goat smirk and your insides go all squishy then try as you might a force bubbles up inside you till you just can’t contain it and you explode with an ‘awwww’.  You know you do.  I KNOW you do which is really all that matters right?

Running Prancer runs.  He also prances quite a lot.  He also side kicks and wiggles happily.  I swear La Mancas are the happiest goats on the face of the earth.

Sometimes I see him running and he’s running right at me and I won’t lie, I pucker a little when he doesn’t turn directions until the LAST second.  You will read a report one day that I am completely bowled over by this goat.  It might even be the way I die.  If it is that would be the most ridiculous thing ever and if the Mr posts a damn obituary saying “at least she died doing what she loved” I would haunt his ass so hard because no one loves getting run over by a goat.  But I digress. Back to the cuteness.

There aren’t a whole lot of hat wearing holidays are there?  I think we’ll have to make some up to be quite frank.

We had snow and the goats didn’t really know what to think.  It wasn’t bad like rain but it wasn’t awesome like sun either.

And as a special little extra tree here is a little video of goaty goodness!


8 thoughts on “You People Are Awesome

  1. Giiirl you got turned down by cause you’ve got MAAAAD skill’s and they just didn’t know what to do with it!
    Keep up the awesome work, I see you going places 😉

    p.s. I looove the goat action! They are hilarious on the bench and tables!

  2. Oh gawd, now EVERYONE will know what a gr8 designer you are P! Not just us!! Is that wise? Humph, I’m feeling a little sad that my best kept secret is all out there and stuff…

    haw haw haw – – NOT! Way to go you’re wearin’ BIG designer pants now!

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