FO: Coastal Hoodie

AKA the most tedious sweater I’ve ever knit.   When I say that though it’s nothing to do with the pattern, it’s all me.  It’s the stripes, the all the starting and stopping to change colors, it’s the 3 million ends I wove in, it’s the hem and the hood and the pockets.  I hated everything about knitting this sweater.  I didn’t even know if I liked my color choice by the end…

When I was done though?  This is the most perfect sweater ever.  I love the weight, I love the ease, I love the hem and the snaps and the pockets.  This will no doubt be my go-to sweater for everything.  It will be easy to throw on and go.

I didn’t meet gauge (big surprise I know) because I subbed in a lighter weight yarn.  Mostly because I couldn’t justify mortgaging the house on the amount of Madeline Tosh Merino it would have taken me to knit this thing. If I was a skinny little thing it wouldn’t have been a big deal but I’m obviously not.  Also, I once again had to do math because the largest bust size the designer wrote was for a 50″, which is 2″ less than my bust and that’s with no positive ease.  I did my maths and at 6sts/inch and a raglan increase I kept increasing and knitting until  I had a bust size of about 56″ so that this would be perfectly slouchy.

I love that this is all done in reverse stockinette but I do think that this could have been knit in the round, steeked, and then the hem done.  If I would have been thinking ahead I would have done that, and knit it inside out so that it was all in knit not in purl.  I knit the sleeves inside out, why didn’t this occur to me?

The hood turned out super slouchy which I don’t know if is because of the pattern, my yarn choice, or my poor conversion math.  Still, it lays flat and looks pretty cute from behind thanks to that orange hem.

Will I ever wear the hood? Maybe, but I doubt it.  The only hoods I do wear are for my rain coat or hoody when I’m in the barn.  This is definitely not a barn sweater because I really do love it so much.  I just can’t tell you how relieved I am too because this was a beast to knit for me and if I didn’t like it I just might have thrown the whole thing away.

I know for a fact that this is the knit that ate my mojo.  I just couldn’t knit anything or focus on new knits till I got this stupid thing off the needles.  Now that it finally is I can move on with my life!

So there we go.  Finally a finished project.  Course I’ve been knitting but I can’t show you things.  I have a sweater in the upcoming issue of Knit Magazine (issue 45) which I’m so excited about!  This is the sweater that customs demanded payment for so it was rejected, missed it’s deadline, and was sent back (which took 3 full months to arrive).  Then I have my Outlaw sweater to a tech editor which is really exciting for me because I’ve never used a tech editor before and I think it will really help a TON.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to have it test knitted yet, I know I probably should, I’m just still on the fence.   Then of course I’m about halfway through my Assassin’s Creed Sweater which is rocking my world. I wish it was my size but I will definitely knit another one for me.


9 thoughts on “FO: Coastal Hoodie

  1. Your sweater is absolutely wonderful! I’m impressed by your perseverance. (I no doubt would have given up and frogged the whole thing and used the yarn for another shawl.:P ) I can’t wait to see your finished Assassins Creed Sweater, it looks so cozy, and the cables are stunning. If you do decided to have Outlaw test knitted, I’d love to give it a go. Maybe in exchange for some of your blackberry preserves. 😀

  2. Wow, it’s fabulous!! I’m so impressed by your ability to design and alter patterns. I’m stalled on a freaking baby cardigan, and I’m not making any changes to it at all. 🙂

    BTW, that Assassin’s Creed sweater? To DIE for!!

  3. Where did you get the model for this sweater? Sweeeeeet!You have to tell me when and where the next wool festival is in your neck of the woods….. Mr. D and I will have to come up to visit!!!!

  4. Wonderful, great-looking hoodie! Fabulous job. Congrats
    on being published in Knit Magazine and here’s to the
    Assassin. Oh, great nails, too! Happy New Year.

  5. I love your Coastal Hoodie!!! I especially like the colors you chose, that orange hem is awesome! Especially with the gray. I want to knit that sweater too but I am a pretty hopeless color-chooser and also trying to knit from stash this year. Yours is really cool, I am jealous.

  6. Okay,although I love the sweater my question has nothing to do with it. What I want to know is “what is the lipstick you’re wearing in the photos”? lol. I really do want to know. Love it. I have the same coloring as you and am always on the lookout for the perfect color.

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