Looking Back and Looking Forward

So it’s almost new years again and I don’t know where the year’s gone.  I’ve done a lot, a lot of crazy things a lot of fun things and a lot of things I never thought I’d do.

So I never really make resolutions because I make enough lists it would make a normal person crazy but this year I’m going to because there are a few things I really want to put some effort into.

1. I’m going to knit down the stash.  I’m going to do my best to knit with yarn only from my stash.  The only exception for this rule will be for designing things such as sweaters.

2. Along with this I’m going to knit down my queue on Ravelry.  Currently it stands at 5 pages and a 176 projects.  It grows faster than I actually knit the projects so I think it’s time to whittle it down a little.  Also this will get me some finished knits that I really want.

3. I’m actually going to work on submitting my writing to get published.  I’ve written a lot this year and it’s had a pretty positive responce so I’m going to go for it.

Things that are not resolutions but that I am just going to do are things like learn how to milk a goat, making cheese, and even working with my shepherd Kodiak to learn how to herd sheep.

The year in review…

We got chickens.

Lots of Chickens….Some which we ate and some which lay eggs…

We got some goats and I fell in love…

We got some gooses…

I started getting eggs from my chickens…

We picked 3 metric tons of blackberries…

I also learned how to can…

We adopted Tank a little brother who has really become a sweet addition to our family…

We rented a ram so we can have lambs this spring…

We added some pygoras to the farm…

We are hoping to expect turkey babies sometime this coming year…


2 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Forward

  1. omg that is quite a lot of changes for only one year !
    not to mention buildong the chicken coop fencing the entire pasture for goats, the list is endless.
    you have accomplished a tremendous amount ths year.
    but most of all you and matt are happy
    love mom

  2. Busy year! I love the picture of you with your bookshelf of beautiful bright canned food! I also love the picture of the Ram in X-mas decoration 🙂

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