A Happy Happy Joy Joy Post

I’ve been a downer and I’m sorry for that.  I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful lovely encouraging comments.  It’s been a little hard to pull myself out of this downward spiral.  Maybe because Christmas is coming, maybe because I’m just super tired, or maybe because I really can’t take one more stupid thing happening.  So in order to get past all that I have some photos that will make you smile.  I giggled my butt off taking these…

Charlie is a super star.  He can’t help it, he just has that charisma that makes everyone fall in love with him.  Now?  he likes to wear things on his head.  Super star x 10.  My cousin Rebecca thinks I should start a separate blog called “Stuff My Goat Wears” which I think might be funny.  I kind of want to go to a party store and buy out their novelty headbands.

Charlie is not the only super star on the farm though…

Herman is our rent-a-ram that we will be buying at the end of this breeding season.  He’s so damn sweet and gentle and a beautiful red the Mr and I don’t want to let him go.  Also?  He’s festive.  This ram let me put on his crazy head band and then just stood there like a champion.  Then!  He struck a few more poses.  He couldn’t have cared LESS about what I was doing as long as it got him a chin scratch.  Dear Herman, I love you.

Aw My Mr. Dude.  He does abide.  You have to admit that anything along with his sweet bunny face is just adorable as can be!

Oops was not so happy about the adornment but I think that’s because it was a little big on him and kept slipping.  In the end Charlie wanted it back and pulled it off everyone’s head until we put it back on him.

And since this went over so well I found another…

Charlie couldn’t smile anymore if he tried!

He loved it so much he wandered off to eat still wearing his tiara. Gotta love a goat that can accessorize!

Herman was not to be left out though.

In the end though I let them all get back to their dignified naked selves.

And Dude was merry!

Mr Wally knows he’ll probably never be subjected to such indignity because he doesn’t even like an ear scratch.  He’s a sweetie face just the same though.

And the geese are always around, yelling at me and tattling on anyone breaking the rules.


8 thoughts on “A Happy Happy Joy Joy Post

  1. Seriously, no need to apologize. Everyone needs to vent every once in a while and your stories are definitely vent worthy. I’m glad things are looking up. Love those goats! Can’t get enough of them!

  2. You really seem to be weathering a proper rough patch with grace and fortitude. Absolutely no need to apologize.

    I love the pictures of your goats! Herman looks so very wise, even while wearing a tiarra. Quite a feat, I think you’re right and he’s a keeper.

  3. So cute!!! I secretly love dressing up my dogs and I think goats would be even MORE fun! Fun being directly proportional to ridiculousness of course.

  4. Dude and Charlie – what a coupla’ clowns! Love their little squinty smiley faces. Oh Oh – now I need to send you the Moose Ears and the Bumble Bee hat. Dude would look totally cool as a Bee!!!

    oxox gd

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