Perfection Cowl – Free Pattern!

Just dropping in to say I didn’t die in Minnesota – as much as I tried!  I had an amazing time and ran myself absolutely ragged seeing friends and family.  There was only one low point which didn’t come as a surprise – and it wasn’t even family related! Amazing!  I’m just about back to normal and ready to post pictures, goat news, turkey egg progress, and sheep sex.  You know you’ve been wondering about the sheep sex, I know you have, I can feel it from here.

So to tide you over I have a new free pattern.  The Perfection Cowl was designed to be just that…Perfect.  It adds ribbing and garter stitch to make a cowl that wont be too baggy up top while still leaving lots of wonderful drape at the bottom.  This cowl is easy as pie to knit and is the perfect stash buster for that extra skein of yarn you have lying around.  This would also be amazing in handspun! 

This pattern is free!

What do you need?

200 yds of worsted weight yarn
1 us #8 16″ circular needle
Stich Marker
You need to be able to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off.

That’s it!  Have fun and I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Perfection Cowl – Free Pattern!

  1. Thank you Ms. P! Saw Tom and Metta @ the Torrence Fiber Sale. Every time I walked by they were both busy selling stuff =O)

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