Goat Post

Because I know you guys are fiending for it.

Charlie is head goat and he always wants to be right up in your face.

I love the expression that Gordy is making in the background. He’s like that guy that walks into your vacation photo, ruins the shot, and you don’t notice till you get home and develop your film.

Tank and Charlie are good friends.  It looks like Tank is being mean to Charlie but he’s only using his front little teeth to give Charlie a good scratch.  They do this ALL THE TIME and it’s hilarious.

Mr Wally Waddles has neck waddles of course.

Blue Steel strikes a pose.  I named this little man Blue Steel after the movie Zoolander because he always seems to be making the face!  He’s also the least smart goat and has gotten tangled in blackberry vines (to the point where he’s literally trapped) more than once.  He’s not smart but he’s pretty which I guess makes up for it.

“Bitch say what?” That’s what I expect the goats are saying with that expression.



3 thoughts on “Goat Post

  1. I just found your blog yesterday and have already added you too my reader. Your photography is fantastic and your comments are hilarious! I am laughing out loud at the facial expressions.:)

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