Updated Designs

So I have a problem, I knit a lot of designs but don’t model them (because lets be frank, the skinny girls sell the patterns).  I didn’t really have a go-to model for when I finished a knit design which was becoming a sort of problem.  Knits just look better when they are modeled.  Well that problem has been solved.  The Mr’s business partner’s wife is drop dead gorgeous and agreed to model some shawls for me.   So today we went out to a local park and I drug out some old shawls to get some better photos.  They turned out amazing.

Fall fields looks way better on her than it ever did on me.

Channel Islands Shawl.  Still one of my most favorite designs ever and this is probably my most worn shawl I own.

Rough Seas Shawl which I have completely re-written and used my fancy chart software for.

Sweet Corn which looks way better on a body than it ever did on a branch.

She’s amazingly gorgeous right? Yeah, I find it a little intimidating but I  worked through it. I had to hear the Mr’s voice and his parents in my head the whole time telling me that we are all good at different things.  Hell, I played in Carnegie hall when I was 17 which a lot of people never do in their lives…EVER.  So it’s not like I’m a looser but ya know, I might have made a complete ass out of myself talking too much and being a dork.  Only time will tell.

All patterns are available through Ravelry (and the links are on my pattern page if your interested).  I’m really excited about working with Shauna in the future because she’s so tiny (ie less yarn consumed for patterns, meaning more because they costs me less) so the sweaters I’ve wanted to do for quite a while will fly off the needles.  I’ve already ordered yarn for one I’m going to be starting shortly.  It’s Robin Hood inspired, but in a good way.


4 thoughts on “Updated Designs

  1. I saw the photos on ravelry and wondered who you got to model your shawls. You did an amazing job in photographing! Can’t wait to see your new sweater! Can’t imagine what it will look like.

  2. Love all the shawls!!! And yes, your new model is BEAUTIFUL! But, so are you! Don’t let it get to you! I bet she was feeling the same thing 🙂

  3. P – G** D*** I*!! You are an amazingly beautiful woman. In case no one has every told you that – well, you are. I do understand what you are saying about what sells… we humans are a strange lot! BUT – not everyone but you is skinny and blonde….. hey, remember – you ARE blonde!!! ark ark ark… So, don’t peg ALL your designs on your new model, as pretty as she is, she is not “every woman.” Pick more than one body type as your model. How about one of the women who helped you capture your sheep? My only other suggestion is this – less boob, more shawl. But, that may just be me :o)

  4. Wondrous photos that beautifully highlight your fantastic shawls.
    Dunno how you did it, but you have style, grace and knitting
    mojo, Preita. I’d never have been brave enough to ask!
    What were you doing onstage at Carnegie Hall at 17? For me,
    the animal husbandry, canning and knitting you share here are
    show-stopping achievements that make a difference others can
    imitate if they want to take the time to learn how to do so. You’re
    modelling a can-do life in tough times: how worthwhile is that?

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