Cape Of Disappoinment Was Not Disappointing

First of all, thank you so much for all the nice comments on my Frankenfine short.  It’s kinda eating my brain right now and I have dropped about 20,000 words in the day & a half since I wrote those first few paragraphs and am now taking a short break.

Also, has anyone had any experience publishing with Amazon? I don’t mean self publishing, I mean real publishing, if so I’d love to talk to you!

So yeah, on to the real reason of the post.  The Mr and I went camping with the dogs to the Cape of Disappointment.  Basically, for those of you not in the know, the Cape of Disappointment is where Lewis & Clark first camped when they reached the Pacific ocean.  They found it…Disappointing.

It was amazing.  Our campsite backed up to the beach and though the raccoons were crazy bad we had an amazing time.  We experienced another disrepsectful dog owner who thought that leashes were for other people but other than that it was amazing!

We found a rope on the beach which meant that we had an instant toy. 

One thing that surprised me was the dogs and their rock climbing.  I’m not a rock climber or hopper by any means.  I just am not that balanced on my feet.  Kodiak though is amazing.  He’s like super rocket dog and totally fearless.

we went to the Sea Side Aquarium which was small and a little campy but neat.  They had seals that you could feed for a dollar and let me tell you, those seals were SPLASHY.  Some splashed to get your attention, some splashed to get fed, some just splashed you.  It was adorable.

I also saw this which still makes me laugh.  Yes, make sure to continue to keep hoeing (because your pimp might be mad if you don’t!)

We learned all about light houses which are frankly cool.




3 thoughts on “Cape Of Disappoinment Was Not Disappointing

  1. That’s one happy Tanklet with his ropey. So sweet!
    Yeah, aren’t light houses neat?!!? I love seeing your wonderful photos. Thanks

    Hey, bring me a jar of your jam, will ya? I’ll trade ya for some apple sauce. mmmmmm….

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