Oregon Flock & Fiber Fest

So I’ve been kinda behind on the blogging thing.  We’ve had a lot going on here on the homestead and life has kind of gotten in the way.  Frankly, our life has been centered around a lamb with a punctured trachea for the last week and now that we are confident that she’ll make it I’m finally starting to relax again.  Farm animals aren’t pets but it doesn’t really matter when you have an animal in pain under your care. 

First, we got a new truck. No it’s not a sheep, but it is a Ram!

The Mr is thrilled and I’m thrilled that I don’t have to worry about him breaking down in the suburban anymore.

So, Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival was awesome.  We drove down (in the new truck!) and I promised myself I would not buy a sheep or a goat and I actually made good on that promise, but I’ll tell you, seeing those Angora goats made it hard!

We went to the animals first because that’s always my favorite part.  I love seeing the goats and the sheep the best, and even at the fair this is my favorite part.  It was nice seeing all the adult pygora goats so I know how big my boys will get, and I got some information on local goat dealers, and even might have a line on a boyfriend for my Icelandic gals.

This beautiful boy had blue eyes! He was by far my favorite.

The Jacobs are by far the Mr’s favorite sheep.  He has a serious thing for those 4 horns and maybe this year I’ll find him a 4 horned lamb.  We also bought fleeces.  Romney and Jacobs which I’m pretty excited about.  I was amazed at the deal on these fleeces, maybe because there were so many and they were all in one spot?  This amount of fleece on the web (if I could find it) would usually cost about 80 bucks but the most we paid for anything was 20 and the lowest was 5!

One thing I didn’t know was that Carrie of Apenglow Yarns was going to be vending here.  I met Carrie a few years back through my friends Tom & Mette at Ranch Of The Oaks.  It was a lovely surprise to see her and her yarns are just amazing!

Like I said, we met an Icelandic breeder which was nice (because they aren’t a hugely popular sheep) and I’m arranging to see what boys she might have available for me to rent. We aren’t looking to have a ram on our property yet so we basically are looking to rent a gigilo ram during the breeding season.

I bought some yarn, a few fleeces and no animals.  It was a sucessful trip even though it poured in the middle of the day and we had a blast!


3 thoughts on “Oregon Flock & Fiber Fest

  1. I met Carrie too! It was pretty cool because I moved to Portland from San Luis Obispo . Wasn’t that rain storm awesome? There was a clap of thunder and WHAM the sky opened up. It sounded like a freight train coming across the metal roofs =D

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