Mount Hood

So Monica called me the other week and wanted to know if I’d come out to her neck of the woods on a Friday to hang out.  I was all “Hells Yes” and jumped in my car.  I’d never been to Sandy so it was something new – and pretty!

So first she asked if I’d want to go to this graveyard she’d found where she had some family buried.  (It’s not as creepy as it sounds).  And being that I’m all for exploring I said yes.  We drove off into the country and pulled into a nondescript gravel driveway and pulled up to the woods.  We got out, pushed our way through thick trees with out a path to be seen and were then standing in a badly overgrown graveyard.  Light speckled through the canopy and everything was awash in deep greens.  It was beautiful, peaceful, and a little sad that this had been so forgotten.

It doesn’t take long for Oregon to take it’s land back.  It rains so much here that everything grows at an increased rate.

We then traveled up the mountain and went to the Timberline Lodge.  See, every time Monica said this and told me she wanted to take me there I only heard Timberline and associated it with the Outback-esk steak house.  I was wrong, as is often the case.  The Timberline Lodge was a ski lodge built by the New Deal.  It’s beautiful and amazing in all sorts of ways.  Also if you are skier it’s right at Mt Hood.

Everything in the lodge is hand caved and hand wrought.  It’s simply amazing.

Also, they have chipmunks inside!  I think that’s so awesome!

The outside of the building was used in The Shining (Monica told me this) as they were driving up.  I believe it.  It’s a huge impressive building and if there weren’t a million people wandering around I might have snapped a picture.  It seems though that no one can get out of the way for 30 seconds though.

To me the building seemed as though it were brooding, as though it was hunkered down on the mountain and watching you with narrow eyes as you went about your business.  I would easily believe there were ghosts in these hallways.

So as Monica and I were taking pictures these guys wandered down the stairs and I was all “OMFG” because they were so AWESOME looking.  I snapped a few pictures when they weren’t looking but apparently since Monica and I both had big cameras around our necks they assumed we were capable of taking their picture with tiny little snap cameras.  They lined up and Monica and I both fired off a few for their collection.  Apparently they had just hiked the 40 mile Timeberline train.  Amazing.  Then I snapped some pictures myself because they were awesome.  They looked tired and weathered and as though they smelled.

All I could think of when I saw them was my friend Phil who would have probably fit right in with these guys.  I wonder if that facial hair is a requirement? 

So in all, it was amazing.  I wonder if there is an off season for Mt Hood?  I doubt it but I still want to go back.


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