Labor Day & The Inlaws

So the Mr’s parents were in town over the long Labor Day weekend and frankly it was pretty awesome.  I’m really lucky that my inlaws are amazing people (they’d have to be right? They made an amazing man for me to marry) and we really get along.  (Sure there were times when we all were hungry and in each other’s personal space and we might have gotten a little pissy but that happens to the best of us).

It seems as though we drove all over Washington and Oregon in a few short days but we had a blast.  The mother in law and I crafted in the back seat of the car the whole trip which rocked.  I like that I’m not the only person that can entertain myself.  I actually knit a whole pair of socks while they were here! (Pictures coming).

We do things when people are in town that we might not always do by ourselves.  The Mr and I have actually been to the Bonneville Dam before but we didn’t go INSIDE for some odd reason.  It was alright though because when the FIL was all for it we found out that the salmon were running!  It was so incredibly awesome I could barely stand it!

I’d never seen so many huge fish outside an aquarium.  And people, you know I love my animals like no one’s business.  For some reason I didn’t take my real camera so all I had were crappy cell phone pictures 😦 I’ll go back, they’ll be running for a month and then again in the spring.

Then the next day (Since we apparently didn’t have enough driving) we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  I know, we are incredibly original.  BUT! The awesome part was that my FIL had been on this factory tour when he was 9 when his family drove up to Seattle to go to the Seattle Worlds Fair.  When he went the first time everyone could walk on the factory floor, now we understand how dirty people really are and have observation platforms that are completely sealed. 

There was A LOT of people here. Even more because it was a holiday weekend.  Lots of tours and lots of kids.  Thankfully my FIL has no problem pushing little people out of the way and back into the arms of their distracted parents.

There was so much cheese! and at the end of course, there were samples.

I take a lot of pictures of my FIL I’ve realized.  I know why I do it too.  He has a very expressive good face and rarely EVER makes an unflattering mouth half open slouchy shouldered squinty eyed “duh” face.  Also?  He completely ignores me when I have the camera up which I love.  He looks somewhere else or doesn’t give me the “don’t take my damn picture” face.  I love it.  The Mr is getting better at it but the FIL is really game, he’ll do just about any goofy thing with out a thought.  He’s past embarrassment, he’s so cool he just doesn’t care.  I think that’s one of the things I really admire about him and try to emulate.

And then I made them take this picture because I’m sure if he was here at 9 his mom took the same picture.

I think at this point we should have stopped and let the boys have a cigar.  There’s no smoking in my car and it’s a lot of driving.  We were all in really good spirits but I think maybe a cigar would have kept them going longer.  That and real food.  We Salyers are not a fun bunch when we are hungry and frankly you don’t want to be anywhere near us because we will turn our growly stomach wrath on you at the first opportunity.  We did stop for jerky but it wasn’t enough.

Here we stopped in Sea Side after the initial blow up.  There should have been food at this point but apparently we don’t learn our own lessons.

The cool beach air, stretching, and some cigar time helped a lot.  I got to take lots of foggy awesome pictures and everyone was in a much better mood when we left.  Amazingly we still didn’t eat…DUMB.

When I’m out with the camera I really try not o take pictures of other people’s kids.  I worry that they think I’m creepy or a perv.  I think it helps that I’m not a man but I always feel like I shouldn’t.  This time though I couldn’t help myself.  The kids were in the water, the fog was SO THICK, and it was just amazing.  I’d notice parents stepping in if they saw me and I aways tried to smile as if to say “Hi, I’m not a perv it’s just an amazing picture” but I don’t know that I can convey that well.

I amost kinda wish that I could be like “Hey, here’ s my flickr, I’ll show you that it’s about mood and not about being a weirdo.” but that might be weird too.  I know if I noticed someone taking pictures of my niece I might be liable to kick their ass.  But I kinda see that as my job, I mean that way Miss Mi would still have both her parents out of jail, it’s not like I’d miss any work, and a perv would get their ass kicked.  Cheers all around.

Wait.  I think I drifted off subject…

So instead I switched to the crazy antics of one golden retriever in the water going after a ball.

Monday we were all a little pooped so we decided to stay closer to home.  We took the car up to Mount Saint Helen’s and dropped by copious visitor centers.

We visited the sediment dam built to block the still flowing sentiment from going into the Columbia River (They think by 2030 it will be done, that’s almost 60 years!)

The FIL, Mr, and I hiked through the woods which I think was the best part.  It was so beautiful and I just wanted to sit and take pictures all day.  They were not so patient.   Once we got there I’m not sure it was worth the hike.  The hike itself was beautiful and not that long, but the dam was…a little less spectacular.

We made it to the visitor center, saw Mt St Helen’s and viewed all the pictures of the damage.  It’s just mind blowing when you look at it all.  From our front pasture you can see the volcano perfectly and that puts things into perspective a little bit.   I don’t know why people insist on calling Mt St Helen’s and Mt Hood a mountain, I think it lulls them into a false sense of security, they are volcanos and they do explode at their own pleasure.


Then on the drive back down I found something I totally love.  Big Foot in concrete!  I’m not really sure what it is about huge concrete animals/ statues and why I love them but I DO SO MUCH!  SO MUCH LOVE!  It’s ridiculous.  I always feel the need to stop and take a picture with them.  Plus this is BIG FOOT!  (If you don’t know I will tell you – and don’t laugh too hard because I am being 100% serious – It is my dream in life to hit big foot with my car.  Seriously, go on, finish laughing, I’ll wait.  Yup, I figure if it does exist – which I’m not saying it does – someone will find it by running into it at 60mph.  I want to be that someone.) there, now you know my biggest secret.  I honestly think it would be AWESOME to hit a big foot with my car.  One day man, one day.

Then because I am really good at forcing other people to do what I want I made the Mr join me.

He’s such a good sport.  Then as my camera batter was dying I took one last not so appropriate picture.  Apparently this Big Foot is a lady.


4 thoughts on “Labor Day & The Inlaws

  1. I was in Seattle a couple of weekends ago and visited the Bollard Locks and saw the salmon running. It is really cool! One of the coolest tourist things we did, for sure. I’ve also been to the Tillamook factory in Oregon–awesome ice cream. And, finally, you really did make me laugh with your “hitting big foot with your car” life goal. SO hilarious.

  2. That looks like a fun road trip! We have a fish ladder here and usually go watch the fish about once a year. It is so much fun! Maybe this year I will take the dog and see if it helps desensitize him. He has managed to pluck a few fish from streams this year (before I wised up and started keeping him on a leash) and he is downright obsessed with moving water.

    Also: My family is the same way about food. I try to pack a lot of snacks but sometimes you just have to settle for not talking to each other until food is acquired.

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