Adventures In Canning

I’m sure that doesn’t sound very interesting to a lot of people or they are thinking, “What adventure can be had in canning?” well I tell you there is a lot of adventure in canning.  Boiling liquids, burning hot jars, pressure! TIME! It’s chaos under tight controls!

See, I didn’t start out this summer thinking that I’d ever can.  I honestly didn’t believe it was for me.  Then the blackberry bush went insane and I’ve harvested over 15 POUNDS of blackberries in the last week and a half.

I couldn’t let all these blackberries that were so delisous go to waste! I just gould NOT!  So I found myself in a quandry.  I could freeze them and use them later (but that’s really a lot of blackberries to shove in the freezer and I’m just starting to harvest fruit) or I could can or bake.  How much blackberry pie/cobbler can one family eat?  Canning it was.  The lovely and fabulously domestic badass Hello Yarn turned me on to an easy blackberry jam recipie and I was off. 

I made jam, and I made more jam, and then more jam until I had jam coming out my ears.  The thing is the Mr and I use a lot of jam.  The Mr (even though he’s a fancy president of his own company) takes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to work every day for lunch because we are thrifty like that.   I’m hoping that I can make enough jam for an entire year so that I don’t have to buy any!  We will see! 

I really think that I need a stove with 4 burners.  Right now the one the house came with has 2 and a grittle.  Who uses a grittle enough to need it permanently attached to a stove?

I have branched out and today I made peach raspberry jam and rhubarb jam.  Let me tell you…they were AMAZING.  They were both different and drool inducing and honestly, the best jam I’ve ever tasted.  Now I think it’s time to branch out a little further and see what other taste sensations there are.

I have also been making pickles.  I’m now needing a place to store all these jars!


6 thoughts on “Adventures In Canning

  1. You are amazing!!! I am so impressed! I am going to be in Portland September 10th for my brothers wedding until we feel like leaving because we are driving, I would love to come see your property if you have time and want company of course!


  2. Woo hoo!! Canning is amazing. I haven’t done it since 4-H, since it is so much work, but if I had the abundance of fruit like you do, I might have to pick it back up again.

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