So Goaty!

I know you all love the goats as much as I do so here is a random goat post.  My cousin was here this last weekend and she was one of the driving forces behind me getting these three little men.  Rebecca loves goats, LOVES them, and they loved her.

The visit was fabulous.  My cousin is by far the most like me and we kind of explode when we see each other.  It’s a great time but you have to be as strong of a personality as us or talk as loudly or as fast or you’ll be left behind.  The Mr does a lot of smiling and zoning out.   He’s a good sport.  She now has sales territories in Spokan and Eugene so hopefully I’ll be seeing her more often!

So there’s your random goat friday post.  I know, you love the goats so I hope you have your fill 🙂


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