Blackberry Surprise or “It’s Like an Orgasm in Berry Form”

(Title is because I promised it to the Mr and he didn’t think I was flippant enough to do it)

So I have to admit something here.  I knew that when we moved on to our 5 acres we had a TON of blackberry bushes. I KNEW this.  I knew this when they poked me with their razor sharp thorns and snagged my clothing and pulled on my hair.  I knew all of this.  I knew this enough to get goats that enjoy eating blackberry leaves to keep the bushes under control.  So why was I surprised when I suddenly had blackberries?


Yeah.  I was.  The Mr came in to the house Sunday and held out his hand for me.  I thought he was going to hand me an egg from the chickens but instead several small slightly smooshy feeling things hit my hand.  I kind of wanted to yell at him because the first thing that went through my head (and I’m not sure why) was that he had just given me a handful of goat poo.

He didn’t though, (obviously because we are not 5).  So now I was interested.  There was something on my property that was producing tasty food that I wasn’t aware of so I headed out to the biggest blackberry bush behind the barn….

You know how you go to the store and pay like 8$ for a pint of blackberries?  (That’s the reason I’ve NEVER bought them).  Well I harvested 2 pounds in a little under 30 minutes for free.  It was incredibly satisfying.  A little pokey because of all the thorns but the Mr made me an incredible little tool that helped me pull the branches closer.


Have you ever had a blackberry right off the bush?  They are amazing.  So sweet with a hint of sour and just about the most perfect thing the world ever created. 

I was a ridiculously happy camper.  Also?  We have about a million more berries ready to ripen in the next week or so and more after that.  I think I’m going to have to learn how to make jam! 

I have also been really lucky in the radish department.  I especially love looking at the watermelon radishes because they are so pretty.

In other news it seems that my yard has become a cornucopia of poultry sex.

The turkeys are in full display even though the women seem uninterested and as soon as I open the coop for the chickens Earl hops out and is all “I’m a love machine!” and proceeds to mount as many hens as he can catch.  Earl and Maurice (both roosters) have different moves with the ladies.  Earl does a little dance and then jumps them while Maurice just sneak mates them.  He runs up from behind and jumps on top.  He’s like a ninja banger.  I like to think he’s more like a college frat boy.


3 thoughts on “Blackberry Surprise or “It’s Like an Orgasm in Berry Form”

  1. You can make BB syrup too. Just toss a bunch of berries in a BIG pot and slooooooowly cook them down. Then strain them (I finally bought a food mill for this. It’s much easier and you don’t lose as much juice to the cheese cloth). Add sugar and simmer. While this is happening you can toss a load of large canning jars into your dishwasher and HOT rinse them. You will need a canning pot too… let the juice and sugar simmer for about 30-40 mins. Fill the jars to about 1 inch from the top. Screw down the lids and give them a hot bath for another 30-40 mins. You’ll end up with enough syrup to last at least a year AND a bunch of Xmas presents to boot!!!

    We have 30 feet of BB’s (used to think that was a lot till I saw that “bush” in the photo)

  2. Wow! Blackberries are my favorite but do not seem to grow here 😦 We get some good berries but no blackberries. You are lucky to have them in your yard, yum!

  3. OMG, Ninja Banger!!

    And, yes, the blackberries!!!! We should have some ripening on our rogue brambles soon. We had a bush in England that Mom used to make the best cobblers with…Yummmmmmm….

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