Random Updates

1. I am down 22 chickens. (THANK GOD) and they now are in my freezer.  We bought a strait run of red cornish (a mix of cockerels and hens) and got mostly cockerels.  These guys averaged 1.5 pounds HEAVIER than our first batch of chickens. 

2. The day after processing my meat chickens I got my very first egg.  (I don’t believe this was a coincidence either).  It is a little small but that’s completely normal for a first egg.  I heard some chicken screaming from the coop and went out to investigate but there was nothing to see except one maran hen looking for a place to lay down.  I went out later to find this egg.  🙂

The chickens are still young so the difference in eggs below is not all that uncommon.  The egg was still edible (Tank ate it, leathery shell and all the minute I turned my back) it just doesn’t look the way a chicken egg should.

3.  I am apparently growing zucchini of Mass Destruction.  I figure they are a week away from going mutant and eating your cat.

My radishes aren’t half bad either!

4. Kodiak really is a puppy.  He’s pretty good but he still eats odd things that I have no idea how he got a hold of.

5. We  have had our first incident with the sheep.  I can tell you this bandage (as I originally thought but I’m not always in charge as much as I’d like to think I am) was totally unnecessary and that our fence out to the big pasture is now Tank-proof.  (Not that you could drive a Tank into it, but that Tank, the Great Dane Mutton Muncher can’t slip it anymore).

6. Tank and Kodiak are the best of friends.  They love each other in a way that only dogs can.  Kodiak is one tough little man and they enjoy chewing on each other all day long.  They may look fiece but they are really in love.

Better stuff coming.  Tomorrow is the Mr’s birthday where he grows even older and we are going to the fair!


5 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. LOVE the teeth shot! We also have a new member of the pack. I’ll send you a photo. He is Hildidan’s Ginger Snap or “Snap” and he’s another longhaired miniature whippet – although with the legs on him, he’ll not be minieature for long!!

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