Larch Cardigan – Finished!

First off, the picture I posted of the lady with colorful hair probably is Lucy Neatby but I’m not 100% sure.  I honestly took her picture because it was SO colorful and I never had as much luck with dying my hair more than 2 colors with out the dye running so I was impressed.  She is NOT who I was talking about but just an example of the prevalence of the multi-colored hair.

So hey, guess what? I did some personal knitting and finished this sweater in a couple (like 10) days.  I had doubts on this sweater from the very beginning.  As usual I did not use the specified yarn weight so I had to do maths, also this sweater only goes up to size 47″ bust (which I think is rather lame) so math is needed all around.

Pattern: Larch Cardigan
Yarn: Beaverslide Dry Goods Sport

Seriously, this sweater could be my new fav.  I used Beaverslide Dry Goods sport weight (about a cone) in Woodsmoke.  It’s light, so warm, soft, and feels slightly felted (which I LOVE about Beaverslide).  The cast on, cast off, turn and pick up for the bottom hem just about killed me because I did it twice.  You knit this in one piece from the bottom up so that’s a WHOLE lot of stitches to fuss with.  The effect is really pretty and I love it but damn, fussy!

I love the collar but I did not love purling through the back loop.  This rib is k1tbl, p1tbl all the way around. Tedious.  BUT! Very thoughtful and it looks exactly the same from both sides which i appreciate.  One thing I didn’t care for is the shoulders.  They are quite wide and don’t look as neat as I would have liked but I’ll live with it.  Also I should have made the arm hole a little bigger so I could wear a t-shirt underneath but it’s ok.

I didn’t know if the button placement and the style of the cardigan would be all that flattering on someone with my bust size but it really did work out well.  Basically I knit this cardigan because it’s been in my queue forever and would remain there forever more if I didn’t just DO IT.  Also, there were no larger women who had knit this and I think they might be holding back for the same reasons I did.  Maybe they will see mine and go for it.

I had these enamel orange buttons in my stash for a while and knew they needed to be on this sweater.  The greyness of it NEEDED a pop of color.  I think they look PERFECT. 

The collar is the best part by far.  This picture also shows that the shoulders are not so neat. :/

The best thing about having so much land and pastures?  Lots of bacck drops.

This sweater is going to be perfect for this climate.  It’s light, warm, and easy to wear.  I expect I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it. 


7 thoughts on “Larch Cardigan – Finished!

  1. That looks awesome!!! I am so jealous of the great buttons, they look amazing with the gray! I am also jealous of your mad fast knitting skillz. You are so quick!

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