Thick as Thieves

It’s been a week since I last blogged about Kodiak.  I’d never have known how well everything would be working out.  Tank and Kodiak are officially brothers.  Neither I think could live with out the other from here on out.  They wrestle constantly, follow each other around, and watch each other from their beds when the Mr and I have had enough of the loud wrestling.

Kodiak is such a tough little pup he doesn’t mind when Tank body slams him.  He just picks himself back up and goes in for more.

These dogs work each other to exhaustion which is awesome.  Tank has graduated to sharing toys (not all toys) which I am relieved about.  he can be a little selfish.  the key so far has been to buy multiples of the same exact toy.  Two nylabones, four tennis balls, etc.  Usually they will chase the dog around who has the toy, take it then reverse the chase.  It’s adorable. Also, when they are wrestling Tank talks, it’s kind of a singing crying sound which he has only ever done with his favorite toys (he talks to them as they squeak to him).

Kodiak is faster and will zip past Tank a few times before the big guy will pounce.  Kodiak has been rolled a few times but he’s so tough he doesn’t mind. He just jumps up and latches onto Tank’s face.

This new camera has amazing focus.  I think it’s so interesting to see what is in focus in these shots.




It really had to be fate.  I had looked so long for a pup to add to our family.  When we first got Tank I looked for two years for a dog and found him on a New Years whim, Kodiak was much the same.  I’m so impressed with this little dog.  He’s so smart and takes direction so well.  It’s so different from training Tank.  He doesn’t need constant reminding, he’ll listen the first time.  He now sits on command, lays down, and we are working on ‘wait’.  He responds really well to ‘uh uh’ which is what we use instead of ‘no’ in our house but if he needs something a little more stern he’ll back off right away when we tell him “no”. 

One thing I am getting used to though is he’s such a busy pup.  He’s almost always in motion.  Thankfully he’s pretty easy to wear out and takes naps with Tank now, but at the slightest sound he’s up again.  If I get up he’s up and follows me around (unlike Tank who will stretch out and take my spot on the couch).  This dog will definitely need a job.  He’s already helping me herd the turkeys back into their own pasture.  He’s different than Tank.  he doesn’t just rush them, he watches them and moves forward slowly giving the turkeys a chance to fly their pain in the butt selves back to where they are supposed to be.    I can tell he’s really going to be a quality dog.

So in other news I’ve got my knitting mojo back. I’m currently knitting on two separate sweaters.  This weekend the Mr and his buddy are driving 15 hours down to California to pick up our sheep then turning around and driving back up.  It will be nice to have the grass eaters up here and I’ll look forward to not having to pay boarding anymore.  Hay in California is much more expensive than hay in Washington or Oregon plus I have grass here that has no problem growing waist high 🙂


8 thoughts on “Thick as Thieves

  1. darling daughter those are the greatest pictures of tank and kodiak….they look so cute together and the shots really show the high speed action..i wouldn’t want to be accidently in the path of those do you think the sheep will settle in with the rest of the menagier?

  2. You’ve got such a lovely place there! All that green! I love it. The last picture is so cute, he looks very tired. I’m glad all is working out so well.

  3. So cute! Oso has been really naughty this week (super high prey drive+5 years of experience=no more off leash walks) and I’m finding myself shopping for a new companion for Maggie. I usually give Oso to my parents every year around this time but this year he has definitely been a more successful and obsessive hunter than ever before. Sadly Oso and I are not really that well suited to each other though he is a sweetie. I’m jealous of your great sounding pups!

  4. Hi! I love the pictures. They’re having so much fun together! The place looks really cool. Can’t wait to see it!

  5. I hope the sheep traveled well! Glad that Kodiak has become such a great addition to the family. Don’t know when it will happen, but Amelia and I are super excited at the prospect of coming to visit and seeing the homestead!

  6. Isn’t it cool to see genes kick in… that herding instinct is very strong, isn’t it? Nice photos P!! Missed my goat fix though. :o)

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