Random Homestead Update

1. This blog is amazing.  Each post brings new and amazing art to the forefront.  This particular page is amazing.  The last image reminds me off the cover from J.M. McDermott’s cover from Never Knew Another.  Beautiful.

2. I have decided to take a step back from designing knits.  I’m focusing on Mildred – though it seems I might have gotten her into a spot I’m not quite sure how to get her out of – and knitting for myself which I haven’t done in forever.  I had some disappointing news regarding a design I did for a magazine.  Basically I made the mistake of insuring something that was to be sent out of the country thinking I was doing something smart.  Well customs decided that the insured value of the package determined it’s physical worth even though it was marked commercial sample and the magazine refused the package because customs wanted like $150 for it.  So I’m waiting for it to come back.  It was supposed to be in the Winter 2011 issue but now if it comes back in any sort of decent time frame it might be squeezed into Spring 2012.

It’s kind of a blow to my ego.  Anyone who knows me knows I like to do things perfectly (if not better than everyone else) the very first time.  I’ve been working on chillin’ on that but it’s hard.  So I’m trying to decide on a sweater to knit and doing it just for fun.

3. Thank you all for your insightful comments on my last post.  You all raised some good points.

In the meantime here are some random animal pictures…

Oops is doing so much better!  He’s running around with the other goats but still reserved and quiet.  He just wants to cuddle which is adorable.

I have a turf war on my hands.  Something I never would have expected honestly.  I am pretty sure that the geese started it.  They have gotten used to pushing the chickens around so they might have tried to push the turkeys around.  Thing is…there are 8 turkeys and 3 geese.  The big tom has decided he’s not going to just take geese gruff so they chased the geese and the geese ran.  Today I actually had to jump over the fence from the back yard to the back pasture to make the turkeys stop chasing the geese.  The turkeys fly, the geese don’t so I don’t see this as being very fair. 

Poor turkeys have no idea that they are dinner (except for our breeding trio) and the geese are not.  The geese will probably have the last laugh but for now it’s war. 

Apparently this happens when a tom is really upset.

I think the geese are regretful for starting shit. 

I love the depth of field in this shot so much! Yay for new lenses!

The goats are so naughty!  Thankfully they are like Tank and can be deterred with threat of water.  I just point the hose at them and they scatter like it’s acid.  It makes me giggle like a fool.


The chickens are nearing egg laying age and getting prettier every day.

Earl is king of the roost.  He is definitely the head rooster but I don’t think Maurice minds.  Earl crows full length now while Maurice only does one little note.

The turkeys.  Those damn trouble makers.  They think they should be allowed to go where ever they wish, even in my garden.  Normally I wouldn’t care but this drives Tank nuts and then he bursts through my fence in the garden and walks all over my beans. *sad face*  Also, you’d think they would learn because Tank has almost grabbed them out of the air twice.


6 thoughts on “Random Homestead Update

  1. OMG- your photos are spectacular! The comment about the goats and the hose made me laugh. One out of our three dogs hates the hose and hides whenever I go near the nozzle. The other two come running and want to be sprayed all over. Too bad about your returned design. I hope you’ll get it in in the next issue!

  2. Love the pics. Sorry to hear about the mail fiasco. Did you know that you are today’s indie designer features on Canary Knits? I totally agree with her. You have so many cool knits, I can’t believe you aren’t more published. Those publishers are crazy sometimes. 😉

  3. darling daughter, this was way too funny about the turf wars…i am going to call grandma joan tomorrow and see if she is up to trying to get up online and read your blog…the new camera must be awesome the pictures of the chickens rock

  4. Hope you won’t take too long a break. Your designs are fantastic and it was great to test knit “weave-it ” for you. People who have seen my test knit, love the pattern and have asked how to get it. (sent them to ravelry). Also, I’m loving the blog. the photos are incredible!

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