Give Away Winners are….

Using a random number generator….

1. Pattern catalogue giveaway winners are… Cheri

2. Shawl winner is… dclulu

3.  Fiber winner is… Monika

4. Yarn winner is… Moni

Everyone who won, I’ve emailed you directly to let you know you’ve won & to get your address if I need it.

And for an extra little bit.  Comment here and I will reply to your comment with the pattern of your choosing 🙂 I know a lot of people are running summer discounts but frankly July is my birthday month and I am feeling totally generous 🙂

And since I hate picture less posts here are some things I love…

Best friends don’t care what you look like.  Charlie & our big tom (who needs a name) are the best of friends.

Chickens.  I do love my chickens even if they look angry half the time.

Gooses.  They chat to each other CONSTANTLY and it’s adorable.  They also let me know if anything out of the normal is happening in the pasture (like the goats breaking into the chicken yard or the turkeys wandering down the horse rail and hopping into my back yard with the dog).

Turkeys.  They look like some weird Jim Hensen creation.  They are also quite smart and really social.

Maurice.  He’s my gentle quiet rooster.  He hasn’t crowed yet (he leaves that up to Earl) and is cool just to hang out with the hens.

And my ducks.  They are smart and gentle and adorable.


8 thoughts on “Give Away Winners are….

  1. Love your farmily. Been meaning to ask if you’ve read this blog: I found her through her weaving but she’s since turned to homesteading. Lots of interesting stories and information on raising animals, growing your own food, and working toward becoming self-sustaining. Thought you might enjoy it.

  2. Who knew guys with such strangly bumpy red skin would be so thoughtful and wise?? Next step, get that Weave-it pattern! HAPPPPPPPY B-D Month P! Gonna have to send you a looooong e-mail about our trip to Wash. DC for the 4th. It was a GAS!

  3. YAY!!!! I am so excitted to have won something! (first time in my life!!!) I hope you have had a wonderful birthday and cant wait to start knitting your goodies!!

  4. I love the profiles of your critters! That picture of the goat & turkey sitting together is so adorable!!! Did I read correctly that you’re going to respond to this comment with my fav pattern? I’m very excited to make Weave-It before the summer ends!
    Thank you and happy birthday!

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