Goulash – or a Little Bit of Everything

First off I’m a little on planet “left my brain at home” because I have so much on my plate today.  I’m finishing a sweater design for Yarn Forward Magazine & finishing knitting it.  I have 2 sleeves left & the button band & collar.  Then I’m ready to ship it off.  I’m proud of it but I am sick of knitting it.  Probably because I HAVE to.  I also have a dog with a randomly slightly swollen ear *sad face* that needs to go to the vet (Whom I’m thinking of changing because they always man handle him and are afraid of him “eating them”.  seriously? Like I feed my dog random wimpy vet techs?) then I have a limping goat who won’t use a front leg.  It makes me even sadder because it’s my little Oops goat but luckily I found a vet now I just have to wait till they are open to bring him in.  I’m sure it’s nothing too serious but I can’t stand for him to be in pain so at the very least they’ll let me know it’s nothing serious.

Here is a random picture of Charlie for those of you that scan pictures instead of reading 🙂

This last weekend was busy for the Mr.  It was sunny & 80* and beautiful.  I spent the day in the shade carding the rest of my Pernedale fleece.  The Mr finished the turkey run so that our little naked necks can run outside in the sun.

It had to be taller and completed with a roof because the turkeys are fully flight capable.  They have no compunction about trying to leave unlike the chickens.  The turkeys are different as I’ve said before. They look at you cock-eyed as if plotting your demise.  As if they are trying to calculate how much force would be needed to knock you unconscious.  Not yet turkeys, not yet.

They didn’t take long to wander out of their stall int barn and into the grass.  They now spend all day, every day out in the grass looking for bugs and soaking up the sun.  I can hear them from the kitchen as they make happy little turkey sounds.   They are getting larger every day.  We are pretty sure that we have 2 hens and 6 toms.  That means that the 2 hens and 1 tom are safe as I’d like to have baby turkeys next year instead of buying them.  We will see how well that works out.

In other news I turned this…

into this…

It’s approximately 230yds of handspun Falkland 2 ply.  I’d say it’s heavy sport.  I don’t know what’s going on with me lately but it seems that I can’t spin anything over 200ish yards.  I was hoping for 300 so that I might be able to copy Monika with her transatlantic shawl. :/ Just have to try again I think.  It’s super pretty though and I think it will make a nice hat or cowl.

I love the earthiness of this yarn, the greens, browns, and whites are really subtle in their changes.

I have also knit this shawl which I’m going to have test knit shortly, and started another. 

Speaking of turning one thing into another…
I have turned this gosling into this goose!

And this duckling into this duck!

Apparently I’m pretty good at growing animals.  It’s not all easy especially when they all have different requirements and needs but so far I’m learning pretty well.


5 thoughts on “Goulash – or a Little Bit of Everything

  1. The Charlie picture is awesome! I hope it’s nothing serious though. The yarn looks wonderful too. That goose is big ass!
    Maybe something stung Tank’s ear? I sure hope it’s nothing serious there too. I would find another Vet for sure, when the ones you have are being silly like that!

  2. i absolutely agree with monica find a new vet.
    remember we changed when that stupid man-vet was so rough with our little baby belle who wouldn’t hurt a flea…i always try to get women vets now…
    your goosey and duck are spectacular they are so pretty..we just had white geese in belle plaine and the grey is so much prettier…
    hope charlie just sprained a leg from all his jumping around…maybe the goat doctor will see tanky….
    work still sucks but not too bad…
    love mom

  3. Oh, wow, what a gorgeous goose!! You must be so proud of all your babies (animal and yarn).

    Yes, change vets. Vet techs who are afraid of a dog??? Seriously?

  4. Monika’s shawl was stunning, so now I’m going to scope out the rest of her site. I agree with everyone else, find a new vet. Seriously, why would you become a vet if you that just because a dog is big he’s dangerous, especially when he’s not a stray, but brought in by his owners. Ridiculous. Anyway, as always I am amazed by your ever-growing farm.

  5. Wow! Your goose is gorgeous! The handspun is very pretty too, I love the greens. It is so neat to watch all your animals growing up!

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