The Long Grass

Our back pasture is tall with grass since the sheep are still not up here yet and goats can only chew so much.  The Mr has driven our riding mower around it in a loop that is perfect for a walk for Tank and I.  It’s almost as if we have a wonderful little nature trail in our back pasture.

Some days the dog just needs to run and run and run and run.  Who am I to deny this?  On this particular day we had gone to the dog park but unfortunately they were mowing the larger part and we were in close quarters with poorly mannered dogs and people who let their children run.  For my sanity I had to leave because Tank’s first instinct – being of the hunting/ chasing breed (have you ever seen a Great Dane chase down a boar?) – is to chase and he has no breaks.  Imagine a 160lb dog slamming into your child.  Yeah, I like to stay away from running screaming uncontrolled kids, it’s unfair to be mad with Tank when we are at a dog park.  So we came home and I let him loose.

The long grass has an added benefit of adding resistance to his running which tires him out faster and more thoroughly.  Plus it allows me to go and see what nature has been going through the pasture.  I know we have had deer and coyote and the crows are nesting back there so it’s always interesting to see what’s going on.

And after a good run you have to of course have a good roll.

Could there be a happier dog on the face of the earth? 


I know that dandelions are weeds but honestly, I think they are pretty.

They are one of the few flowering plants that have such a wide range of texture and color.  I love it.

and in other news I have been knitting on something I can actually show you.  I’m knitting another one of my Channel Islands Shawls in a beautiful red & grey combination.   This shawl is easier than it looks.  If you’ve knit a sock you can knit this with your eyes closed.  Even if you haven’t knit a sock once you grasp the concept of the “islands” everything is smooth going from there. 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Long Grass

  1. OMG- I love your photos, they are awesome!!! You have such a beautiful place there, and lucky Tank!
    I agree. We stopped going to the dog park, because there were always screaming, running children; I just didn’t want to deal with that. Have people never learned to not run, when there’s dogs around?

  2. Okay – I had to erase what I just wrote…elst’wise people (read-breeders) would think I’m one of THOSE people (read-crazy dog woman). But, really people, leave the prey at home (read-fast moving little people) and let the dogs have their DOG park!!!

    Damn, I thought I had it out of my system when I wrote and erased. Nope…

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