Cheese, It’s Worth The Drive.

So the Mr and I love cheese.  Most people do right?  We often will have dinner of different cheeses, breads, brown pears, and wine.  It’s fab, seriously.  Moving to Washington we aren’t that far from Tillamook where they make cheese.  It was kind of a no brainer to drive down and see what it’s all about down there.

It was free and short.  They have made this factory totally accessible to anyone who wanted to stare at factory cheese makers like fish in a bowl.  I don’t know if I worked there if I could take all the people STARING at me.  The Mr and I passed quickly through, then through the cheese sample line, then out to buy some cheeses.  We ended up with Tillamook ice cream cones and that was our experience with the factory. 

 It was ok, it was free, and the town folk? SUPER nice.  Like ridiculously awesome nice.  We stopped a Debbie D’s jerky & home made sausage shop to have the best summer sausage ever.  Then we stopped up the road, bought 3 large crabs and a cooler and continued our drive up the coast.  The Mr and I often do these kind of road trips because we are often new to the place we are living in.  We have been married 8 years this September and have lived in 7 different places. 

We stopped briefly in Sea Side for a cute little yarn shop called the T Spot.  It was a lovely store with everything you could need if you were stuck on vacation and needed a project.  They were friendly and very helpful.  The only picture I took of Sea Side was of the awesome tiles.

I ended up buying this totally awesome ring in Bay.  It’s an English Shilling and totally awesome.

It was a super lovely day and a lovely weekend.  It rained most of the three days but the Mr managed to start and almost finish the turkey run even though the goats had other ideas.


4 thoughts on “Cheese, It’s Worth The Drive.

  1. Mmmm, I love cheese too. It’s hard to find good cheese though, I don’t like the plasticy tasting ones, the supermarkets are full of.
    The ring looks awesome!
    Do goats really feed on weeds?

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