Silly for the Sake of It.

We are all a little bit silly at times just to make ourselves laugh or others giggle.  I believe most creatures with any sort of larger brain is probably the same.  Take Dude.

I was watching the goats, giving Charlie a scratch when Dude started stretching against the wall of the barn.  He’s adorable so I snapped a picture.

Then he randomly jumped sending his bunny ears flying.  It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

He did this about three times all a better jump than the last.  It was obvious he was doing this just for fun and silliness.

Each jump was better than the last until he got all his little hooves off the ground to catch some air.

Owning goats is so different from owning sheep.  These little guys are so packed full of personality it blows my mind.  They go out of their way to be silly and express their happiness.  Dude is the jumping king and Charlie does an amazing size heel kick where he can get all feet off the ground at once.

The next post I promise will have more significant content.


5 thoughts on “Silly for the Sake of It.

  1. You could seriously post pictures of goats from now on and I would not complain. Although I might suffer the side effect of dying from cuteness overload…

  2. This IS “significant content” to those of us who are goat-less. And, if they are as cute as these photos are, and you didn’t share them, I’d have to accuse you of hording the cuteness all for your self! And that would be baaaaaaaaad…

  3. To heck with significant. More goat pix please! Especially love that last shot. Looks like he’s laughing at you.

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