In A Past Life I Was A Farmer

Or a zoo keeper.  Either is probable. I love animals.  Seriously love them.  Not like crazy cat lady love them, but I enjoy interacting with them, watching them, photographing them and sometimes owning them.  Soon I am going to be sending 15 of my animals (my Cornish cross chickens) off to the processor.  They were bought and raised specifically for this purpose so I have no real qualms about making the appointment and bringing them in.

I know that a lot of people have a problem with this.  Not that I’m doing it, not that the animals are meant for meals but the personal act of separating themselves from the animal that is to become dinner.

You’d think that with photographing them so often and spending time with the birds I’d be more attached.  Frankly told the Mr was afraid I was getting attached too, but the truth is these are not pets.  They do not have the real personality of pets nore are they as much fun.  I have had to close off under the chicken coop to the birds because too many times I crawled on my belly in mud and poo to get the last chicken into the coop at night.  I’ll tell ya, crawling in poop after a wayward bird will sour you on even the best relationship.

So, at the 8 week mark the Cornish cross chickens will go off to meet their fate and my layer chickens will have the coop all to themselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my chickens,  I think they are funny and interesting.  My layer chickens aren’t as laid back yet and I know I will miss the cornish coming out to see me and peck at my shoes for food.  Hopefully the Marans and Jersey Giants pick up this trait because it’s charming.

They makde interesting photography subjects too. 🙂

They are (stupidly) unafraid of the dog and just about everything that comes near.  Also, they are dirtier than the other chickens.  They are lazy and don’t use the roosts which means they will often sit in their own poo.

The jersey giants however are smart (as far as chickens go).  They use the roosts and go into the coop by themselves at feeding time.  They also come in out of the rain instead of just sitting there getting rained on.

They also have the jauntiest butts!

“Say whaaaaat?”

In other news the turkeys are suddenly HUGE.

I like my turkeys.  They have more personality I think.  They look at me sideways as if daring me to make the first move.  They are like rebels with out a cause.  Also? They are kind of pretty. I like the red buff and white coloring. 

They have grown faster and matured quicker than the chickens.  Where as now my layers (at 6 weeks) and my Cornish (at 7 weeks) are starting to flex their wings for flight the turkeys were almost there at 3 weeks (they are now 5 weeks).  We had to cover their brooder with chicken wire to keep them in.

Their vocalizations are different too.  This one on my shoulder is the group screamer.  We will hear him from in the house yelling for no reason.  When we check on them everyone is laying down and this one is just yelling for no reason.  I went half deaf after photographing this bird.  We have 8 of these birds and plan on sending all but 3 to the processor when the time comes.  I would like to have a breeding trio of 2 turkeys and a tom.  We will see how that really goes.


3 thoughts on “In A Past Life I Was A Farmer

  1. omg are those babies cute!!!!! goats are so much like deer. you sound like you are having a blast. i was going to call but it was o nly 12:30 here and it is after all sunday. the photos are great and the one with matt, tank, and geese is almost too precious.
    love you lots mom

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