The Mr and I have been busy preparing our gardens for the summer.  We had a small garden last year in California but up here in Washington where everything GROWS so well we decided to go a little bigger.

We rented a tiller from the Home Depot and expanded the existing garden at the house.  Thankfully the guy recommended the self propelling tiller for the work we had to do and it made it much easier for the Mr.

It is really only about 3′ wider now but that gives us so much more room.  So far I have planted cucumbers, green beans, garlic, corn, and brussle sprouts.  We still have yet to put in carrots, 3 kinds of raddishes, and lettuce. 

Tank of course was a serious help! lol

I’m very happy with the finished product.  The earth here is just so wonderful and I can’t wait to see how things grow.  I’m reallly looking forward to canning and eating all the tasty veggies that come out of our very own garden.

It’s oddly satisfying to work this hard and get this dirty in order to grow something yourself.  It’s the same satisfaction I feel about the chickens.

Of course no post would be complete with out a cutie pie Tank picture.


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