Roving Shop Update

I have updated my shop with new rovings.  You can find them here.  This update is of hand dyed blue faced liecaster (BFL) and shetland.  The Shetland is especially beautiful I think.  Springy and fluffy I really want to dye more!

Here are a few of the braids I added to the shop.  I’ve got Targhee coming up and some more Corridale to dye.  The Targhee yarn I was planning on wasn’t spinning up right so it will be all roving right now.

Heart On My Sleeve
Summer At The Lake Shetland
Vineland BFL

One thought on “Roving Shop Update

  1. wow those colors are amazing!!!!!!! the names you picked for them are beautiful too. you are pretty amazing even to me who knows you like you were my daughter, oh wait you are my daughter. how un Finn of me I should be telling you not to get a big head. that is what happens when you marry out of the scandanacian dna group.
    love mom

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