Awesome Things

I don’t usually list cool things I find online because I don’t surf that much.  Apparently I have surfed a lot this week and I have things you should see 🙂

1. This etsy shop is completely awesome.  The art is stunning and the subjects are fun, interesting and original!

All images are copyright the artist. Please go to the etsy shop to view more!

2. This sculptor is amazing.  I don’t know how they can achieve such fine details but I’m in awe!

All images are copyright the artist. Please go to their website to view more.

3.  Got Llamas? Need a shirt?

All images are copyright the artist.

4.  I just finished Patricia Briggs newest Mercy Thompson novel.  These books are like brain candy.  You can read one in a day and want more.  The covers don’t really fit with what’s going on in the book, but I’ve grown to like them just the same.  I’ll be updating a full review over the weekend.


5. Have you seen this shawl? Hypnos is absolutely awesome & I’m starting to knit it this weekend. I love graphic knits. Easy but not boring!

6. Shepherd’s Extravaganza! I know not everyone lives in wool central but this festival will be my very first wool festival & I’m kinda stoked about it.

So yeah, other than that I just flipped my rare sheep breads calendar over to April and realized that the Mr’s parents are coming in less than a week!  I’m excited but have to clean! Also next week the Mr and I are getting our Toulouse Geese!  I hadn’t thought about getting geese seriously until I talked to my mom and found out that they are like the llamas or donkeys of the bird world. (did you know that llamas and donkeys are often used as guard animals?)  These geese are good layers, calm and gentle which means I will try to turn them into dogs lol. 


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