Chicken Bits

Dear Santa. I would please like one of these. And omg a Tour De Coup?! In Portland?! I love where I live!

So the chickens are growing at a crazy breakneck pace.  It’s amazing to watch.  As a person who has never really been interested in baby anything I don’t think I’ve really seen anything grow except my niece.  This is not at all like my niece however because of obvious reasons. 

Today I took my favorite cornish hen outside for the first time for a little jaunt.  I believe that the Mr will probably be finished with his coop this weekend so I will be able to transfer them out there and even let them roam the pasture (limitedly) to scope out bugs and be chickens.

As you can see the Mr has been built an impressive coup.  All it needs now is the front, door, and finish the roof.  I will easily be able to fit all my chickens and a few turkeys inside with out a problem.

I still am amazed at how fast my little cornish hens are growing.  The hen above is 3 weeks old!  Every day I come out and they are so much bigger!  They now have almost all their feathers coming in and are loosing the chick look.

I’m a big fan of my Jersey Giants too.  they are a little more laid back and chill than the Marans.  I think that the Marans are prettier though and they lay the darkest most beautiful brown eggs.  I’m really excited to maturity.

This is an older picture of the Maran chicks.  The feathers are coming in much better now and they look more like chickens than babies.

Raising chickens has been more fun than I could have imagined.  I am ready for them all to move out of their brooders in the garage and into the coop.  I am ready to see them all in the pasture and pecking away.

In other news we now have turkeys. Day old turkey chicks are incredibly cute.  They are so dorky, awkward, clumsy, and chill that I kind of feel a kinship with them.  I watched one fall off the feeder, stumble over it’s own feet and land upside down in the waterer.  Thankfully I was there to scoop it out, dry it off, and put it right under the heat lamp. No harm done, but i did move the feeder and waterer away from each other.

I’m really hoping that I have at least one tom in the group as these chicks came unsexed.  I would like to keep a 3 hens to one tom but I might have ended up with all toms or all hens, we will just have to see once they start growing.   These turkeys are heritage Red Bourbons and will grow to be quite pretty.  I wouldn’t mind a big tom strutting around.  My friends Jim & Carol have free roaming peacocks (they are wild and don’t belong to anyone) and it’s just nice to see them.

For those of you that have asked about Tank & the chickens well…he is pretty good about them but gets excited.  Tank is made up of 1 part hunting dog, and 1 part guard dog (great danes were developed and still used to hunt wild boar, and mastiffs, well they aren’t making sheep into nice neat lines) so he will never be allowed alone near the chickens.  He is of the belief that if it’s running he should chase it down and knock it to the ground (not a fabulous trait when we are at the dog park and he does this to a child though children should never EVER run at the dog park!).  He also hunts rodents and chases rabbits (if he could catch one he would eat it) with a pretty impressive success rate for a dog as large as him.  Right now we visit the chickens together multiple times a day.  Tank has to sit while I pull out a less squawky chick and let him sniff it.  He’s pretty good about it but I know he wouldn’t hesitate to snap it up if I let the chick go.  Not all people live with shepherds or retrievers and thus we have to condition him just to ignore.

He’s my sweetie face and can’t be expected to act like an aussie, lab, or golden retriever.


One thought on “Chicken Bits

  1. What the F-ski’s is that wierd/bizarr thing doing in the hen house? (and no, I don’t mean Matt.) I know! You Tye Dyed a chick and it’s developed super poultry powers!! RUN FOR YOR LIVES!!!! It’s a CHICKEN ON ACID!!!

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