Pix Shawl

My cousin is taking a very intense course to become a yoga teacher so lately I’ve been hearing more about yoga than I normally would.  She has practiced for quite some time and has all sorts of fabulous tid bits.  One thing I did not know (even if it makes sense) is that when you meditate your blood pressure drops making you chilly.  Thus she needed a shawl.  Well easily done.  I am working on a prototype for her, this is what I first came up with.  I think it might be a little small from what she was saying but it’s easily adjustable.

I used a fairly simple stitch pattern for the body of the shawl.  It kind of reminds me of a Japanese rock garden in a way.  I wanted a simple shawl that wouldn’t distract the wearer but add enough warmth.  I used beaverslide sport weight yarn and it created an amazingly wooly but light shawl! I tell you that I wanted to keep this so bad, but thankfully I have a ton of this yarn.

I decided against the eyelet increases and am so very glad that I did.  I think it makes for a much prettier and un-obstructed line.

I added a little bit of lace at the bottom because it looks super pretty.  I like that the ridge detail is mirrored in the lace which is totally an accident, albeit a happy one!

I am going to be writing up the pattern and hopefully have it off to testers by the end of tomorrow then I will post when it is ready for knitting! 🙂

I wanted to thank you all for responding to my spinning fiber post and all your helpful answers.  I too love the grabbier fibers not only because they are easier to spin but because they wear so well.  I have decided that I am not going to purchase or dye merino.  I do have a batch of shetland and BFL to add to my shop, then some more corridale, tarhgee, icelandic and maybe even some jacob!


4 thoughts on “Pix Shawl

  1. This is beautiful!!! It looks so fun to knit! I can’t wait till you get this written up because I want to knit it immediately. I really like how you took out those eyelet increases in the center! Why aren’t more shawls like this? It looks so much better to my eye. I hope I can find something in the stash to get the same rustic zen quality that yours has.

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