Spring Makes It’s Progress Like A Half Frozen Turtle

I shouldn’t be attached to any white chicken, these are chickens that eventually will be sent to the processor.  This little girl though, she might stay with the layers to just make me smile.  I visit the chickens a lot during the day. I check on food, temerature in the brooder, water, and make sure everyone is healthy.  I do also pick them up.

I can’t tell her by looks, I know it’s her when I lower my hand into the brooder and my ring gets pecked.  She’s also one of the only chicks that doesn’t freak out at being picked up or held. I won’t name her, at least not till I’m sure she’ll keep her happy easy going personality.  If she turns into a cranky chicken she will be freezer bound.  But for now, she’s my favorite.

In other news I have been spinning a lot.  I’ve been working on this pretty green perendale fiber.  I’ve been spinning singles, omg so many singles, in hopes of eventually doing a 3 ply yarn.

This is from Gnomespun Yarn and the colorway is The Grass Needs Mowing.  How clever is that?  I dig fun colowary names, especially if they aren’t girly or expected.  I came across one yesterday named Unicorn Butt.  Love it.

The thing about spinning singles with a 3 ply yarn in mind is that you have to spin forever!!! I’m about 1/2 way done.

Also I got my book back that I had sent to the author to have signed. 

HA! How funny is that? Yes Mr. McDermott, after I read the second book (which isn’t out yet) I will send you a hermit crab kinda like this one.


2 thoughts on “Spring Makes It’s Progress Like A Half Frozen Turtle

    • what a great color. remember that your buppa had his pet chicken baachaach. spelling that is pretty close phoenetically. she was great. there is picture of him with her on his shoulder somewherenin those albums. so you come by chicken love by heridty.

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