Hand Dyed Roving

I have an etsy shop now!  It can be found here.  I’ve been busily hand painting rovings all week and it’s be soooo much fun!

I’ve used a variety of different wools most of which I’ve spun before and am deciding on my favorites.

As a spinner I like woolier wools, meaning I like those that aren’t super fine and have a little bit of rusticness to them. 

What I’d love to know is what are other spinners favorite fibers?  I know there is a ton of merino out there but is that because dyers assume spinners want it or is that really the favorite?  Please comment to let me know!


6 thoughts on “Hand Dyed Roving

  1. Beautiful dyed fiber! I’m not a fan of merino, I like to spin BFL, Falkland, Polwarth for instance (and many more). Not a great fan of slippery fibers. If I would not be burried in fiber already I’m sure I’d find something in your store. BTW the link is not working.

    • The link is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know that! 🙂 I am trying to dye every other fiber besides merino. I think it’s over rated too, but you never know how other people think. I have a pollworth fleece coming that I will be dying and there will be icelandic, targhee, more corriedale, and shetland 🙂 Thanks fo rthe comments! Preita

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