Handspun Shawl

I’ve been trying to stay away from new yarn lately.  I have a lot and it seems the more I buy the less focused on projects I can be.  It’s like the influx of fiber kills all creative drive.  It’s strange and unfortunate but there ya go.  One thing I do have is fiber, lots of fiber.  Probably not as much as some people, but like I’ve said before, I’m not a collector.  It makes me uncomfortable to have to much of anything.  So I spun up some fiber and knit myself a shawl.  I have to say I love this thing more than I thought I would.

Specs: 3 different handspun singles. 
White: Gotland
Grey: Zoo Blend by Ranch Of The Oaks
Blue: Polworth by Bee Mice Elf

I knit until I ran out of yarn and blocked it lightly.  Basically I washed it and draped it over the shower curtain rod and it came out perfectly.

I striped the yarn every two rows and added purl rows just for added interest.

I wore this out today just to see if I could wear a shawl as a shawl in public.  It was great.  It added extra warmth and stayed put with out falling off.  I think have changed my opinion on how wearable shawls are. 

On a non-shawl related note I think I have found the most perfect red yarn ever.  Seriously, this is probably the most beautifully dyed yarn ever.

Of course it’s hard to convey the true depth and richness through pictures alone.  Of course it’s by Madeline Tosh.  I bought enough to make my cousin Rebecca the effortless cardigan.  I hope she likes it!

Also, because I can, here is a random chicken picture.  Look at how big they are getting! Their little wings have real feathers now!


2 thoughts on “Handspun Shawl

  1. That shawl looks like my kind of knit! I agree with you about feeling overwhelmed when I have too much stuff (especially yarn). I haven’t been buying very much yarn at all since I have a lot and I find it definitely helps me focus and enjoy the creative process more.

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