Knitting an Octopus and More

I’ve been knitting here & there.  Some things I can show right off the bat, some I can’t.  Here are a few things that I can show you.  First up I knit a second drawbridge cowl.  This is a lighter weight version and not made out of handspun. I love it.  I love the colors and I love the weight.  I did not love the yarn…Shelter.  I think that it was the dye or ammonia but it smelled like a dirty chicken coop.  It was gross.  But a quick wash and the smell was gone.  I think it honestly was the dye but I don’t think I’ll be able to knit with this yarn again because it made me that sick.

I love the colors so much.  Acid green and oxblood go together so well in my book. 

Another thing I knit is this fabulous little octopus.  I knit this with the express purpose of including it in a package I was sending to the J. M. McDermott.  I sent him my book for him to sign and since he was giving me something cool, I sent  him something cool.

I had a lot of fun knitting this little guy. The use of shortrows and shaping is just so smart.  I finished him in about 4 hours, but then again I know I knit fast.  I wasn’t sure at first about my color choice but I really like how they work together.

I can’t help but taking lots of random pictures of knitted toys.  They just crack me up.

In other news I am working diligently on a perendale fleece which is really quite beautiful.  Also I’m waiting on my acid dyes to arrive and really am looking forward to dying some batts! 

Also here is a chicken picture.  They are growing so fast!  Those feathers are so long now and soon they will be more chickens than chicks.


One thought on “Knitting an Octopus and More

  1. Ya know, Mr. O Pus looks right at home in that tree. Didn’t know you got so much rain up there that the creatures are swimmin’ out of the ocean and into trees!! A-Maze-in!!
    Hi’ya from Deep South Cali, Y’all

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