Never Knew Another – A Review

Never Knew Another is a stunningly beautiful novel.  There are few other words that I can think that would be describe reading this quick 200 + page book besides them although I would add eloquent, original, and intriguing.  The reader is invited into the world of two walkers (humans that can change into wolf form with the help of a skin across their backs) on a journey to hunt out demon children and cleanse the earth.

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It all began as they happened upon the slain body of Jon, Lord Joni, in a circle of stained, burnt and dead grasses.  The blood spilled was so foul that nothing living could continue living after having come into contact with it.   A special talent of the walkers (whom we never learn their true names) is to see inside the memories of the fallen demon child.  The memories intermingle with past and current events in a wonderful and interesting way. 

The reader follows Jona as he begins upon his path to what will finally be his ultimate doom.   Can a demon child be a King’s man and enforce the law?  Can someone born tainted do good?  These concepts come up more and more as the book goes on as the characters question their motives, their blood, and their very existence.

All in all Never Knew Another is a must read novel.  It’s quick, beautiful, well written and leaves you wanting more (the author has stated that this is book one of a series).  The storyline and plot is original and well thought out and beautifully executed.  Lovely, dark, and graceful this story is sure to capture your imagination.


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