Break It Up

I went to the Patrick Rothfuss book signing last night in Beaverton, along with 400 other people.  There was a 3 hour wait and Powell’s ran out of books.  I had reserved my copy even though the woman on the phone 2 weeks ago told me I wouldn’t need to and they would have plenty of copies.  I bought my book, looked at the crowd and went home.  Book unsigned.  I was a little disappointed but frankly, and I hope no one would ever take offence to this, but I can’t think of anyone I’d stand in line for 3 hours just to smile sheepishly and watch as they struggled to spell my name.  Maybe Jesus. Maybe.  Or GOD but only the old school smiting one, I’m not about peace and bunnies.  (How many did I just offend? It’s ok! God has a sense of humor, I’m a Unitarian!).  Thankfully the Mr understanding my sullenness brought up sending my book to Pat to sign so I went home and looked it up. The man has a FAQ section just for this purpose!  Yes, you can send him your book with return postage and he will sign it as long as you send him something neato.  I’m thinking about knitting another hermit crab and sending it.  Something cool for something cool is a totally legit trade.  So I’ll read the book and send it over the summer after much of the fan boy craziness has worn down. 

I think fans forget that writers are people too, with lives, and spouses, children and dogs.  They write, but that’s not all they do and I think it’s easy to forget that.  Speaking of writers have you walked by a shelf and seen Never Knew Another? No? Well go search it out because it’s getting a post all it’s own in the next few days.

On the same thought I’ve been having hobby issues lately.  It feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to get all the stuff I want to get done completed.  I wake up, I surf my favorite blogs, check my email (though it’s only junk these days), cruise Ravelry, and sit down to write.  I drop out between 3 and 5 thousand words before noon at which point Tank demands we go do doggy stuff.  So off to the dog park we go where he makes me smile, (and sometimes yell) and does wonderful puppy stuff.  Then back home I write some more because I need to get Mildred done.  We both need closure.  By 5:30 I’m making dinner for the Mr and I and when we are done I’m pooped.  I haven’t knit as much lately and felt a little guilty about that until I realized that I never really knit that much between February and June.  I have started spinning again, and inhaling books again and battling dirty dishes on a daily basis again. (Stupid dishes out number me, how does that seem fair?)

Here is a random picture of a bird at my feeder to break up the many words you are reading.

So now I’ve taken a little step back (because things are only going to get more insane in the next few months when our number of sheep will increase, turkeys arrive and planting needs to be done) and looked at what I do and why I do it.

1. I have deleted some people I used to watch from my flickr stream (I didn’t even know I could do that) because of a few reasons. 
A. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, except that while I have commented on your pictures you have never done the same.  I don’t need you to comment but I won’t follow people around because they are internet popular anymore. 
B. I can’t remember why we ever followed each other.  It was probably knitting related but you are most likely Ravelry popular and I’m not and for some reason it hurts ego every time you post and it’s loved by 1 million knitters even if you decided to knit poop out of poop spun yarn. (that of course is an exaggeration!)
C. I wasn’t seeing pictures by people I really know and really care about because so many others dominated my page.  It made me a bad friend and that sucks.
2. I have deleted a whole bunch of blogs from my google reader much for the same reason as flickr.  I rarely believe that anyone is so busy or important (with exceptions) that you can’t respond to comments.  I think it’s rude frankly. If you blog just for you, awesome, these are just my feelings right now in this moment.
3. I have clicked “Hide this user” all over facebook.  Just because I like Dirty Jobs doesn’ t mean I need you talking about your damn show all the time Discover. Yes, I ❤ Mike Rowe but I ❤ him less when I see multiple posts all over my news feed. Frankly, Monica, Shawna, Will, and Phil are way more interesting to me.

So yeah, I know everyone goes through this about once or twice a year.  It’s needed.  We have become so overloaded from all the information I think it causes depression! So that’s my Thursday rant.  Tomorrow I will work on a review of Never Knew Another and then will dig into Wise Man’s Fear.  It’s obviously book season.

And for no reason at all, here is John Quincy Adams with a Ham!  There is a fantastic little exhibit at Powell’s City Of Books in downtown Portland.  All the presidents have ham! It’s funny and well done.  If you’re local go check it out.


3 thoughts on “Break It Up

  1. It is definitely book season! I have been working at the library for the past few months and this week I feel like I really hit my stride again as far as reading goes. I just got a book stand so that I can read and knit at the same time and I am so happy!
    Sometimes it is hard to balance all the things I want to do but I think it is a good kind of hard because there are so many things we enjoy doing!

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