Mom in Town

Last Thursday my mom flew into town.  Since then we were running around like crazy people having a wonderful time and giggling.  The first thing that we did was drive around town and visit many of Portland’s best vintage and thrift shops.  I can’t tell you the last time I had more fun.  I came away with my very own vintage dress form, potholder weaver and a few more wonderful things.

Rerun was particularly awesome.  They had a large selection of vintage clothing, housewares, crafts, pictures and cool toys.  Seriously if you like vintage thrift go here and be happy.

Since neither my mom or I wear (or CAN wear) vintage clothing it is nice to find stores that have more fun stuff than just clothes.  Above you can see me with my first find, the potholder weaver!

I saw this grill and thought it was so awesome I could barely stand it.  Also, one of the best parts?  It was parked in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Portland!  Love it. I wonder if it’s parked there just to be obnoxious.

I found this in Knittin’ Kitten a vintage craft store.

I think this is what everyone thinks of when they hear “I Knit” (although this is crochet).  I don’t know what’s more awesome.  Those horrible vests, or the TIGHT corduroy pants the guy is wearing or the weird hand veins in the man’s power grip.  I would totally recommend this store to other crafters if you sew.  They have a large selection of fabrics and notions you won’t find anywhere else.

After some serious shopping my mom and I headed for the food carts (these are not the main ones downtown but closer to the Yarn Garden in Portland).  We had some amazing (and I do mean AMAZING) french fries with 3 different sauces, horse radish ketchup, buttermilk ranch, and chipolte mayo.  They were AMAZING.  It was so fantastic.  We also had some fried pot pies which rocked just as much.

If you have not tried the Portland food carts it is the first stop you need to make in Portland.  Some of the best food you will find are in these little carts on wheels.  I can’t wait to try more.

We went to the beach outside Astoria and though it was a little chilly the weather was sunny and beautiful.  Astoria is a fabulous city on the coast and worth the visit.

After a long day at the beach we had the best fish and chip lunch ever.  This little boat is the most popular restaurant in Astoria.  It doesn’t show it here but as soon as we ordered 20 people lined up after us.  The wait was worth it and the fish was light and crispy and delish.

Since it was also such a beautiful day that we were finally able to see the Astoria Pillar.

We also drove this crazy long road again and I think it’s one of the neatest views. I love the way it vanishes into the woods across the river.

We also saw elk on the drive home.  I was so excited!

Sunday we went early to Voodoo Donuts and it was as fabulous as always.  I’m not a donut person, I don’t care for the sugar as much and these are SUPER sweet.  I have to say something, if you wait in line for 30 minutes and get up to the front and still don’t know what you want you should be removed and put to the back of the line instead of holding everyone up while you hem and haw over donuts and t-shirts for 20 minutes.  This is just obnoxious behavior.

I was also thrilled that my mom tried 2 new things.  Boba and sushi.  She’s tried buffet sushi before and didn’t like it (well who does?!) and so we took her out for good sushi and beginner rolls.

Not everyone likes boba because of the tapioca’s but my mom loved it.

My mom and Tank totally hit it off.  But of course how could you not?  He has the sweetest face and is such a good boy that most people fall instantly in love with him.

So yesterday I packed her up and put her back on a plane to Alabama. It was a fantastic visit and I can’t wait to see her in Minnesota in July.


2 thoughts on “Mom in Town

  1. Okay, that’s it. I am officially inviting myself down for a day of vintage thrifting with you.

    I’m not a stalker; I promise. There, that should alleviate any concerns!

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