Tiny’s Coffee Meet Up

Monday I went into Portland to meet my friend Monica to try out a new coffee shop.  So far we have been mostly unsuccessful but this time I think we finally hit on a good place.  Tiny’s Coffee is a small shop that’s a little bit hip and funky without being pretentious or full of itself.  You get to sit on comfortable chairs, the music isn’t too loud, and you don’t feel like you need to get moving because someone is waiting for your table so they can work on their laptop.

Is it odd that 3/4 of the people at coffee shops are on mac books?  Is it just because they usually offer free wifi or is there some deeper cultural think going on?  I never really feel the need to bring my work out into public but maybe that’s just me.

The coffee was quite good too.   Tiny’s Coffee is an easy place to spend a morning and relax with friends or a good knitting project.  After Monica and I had drunk all our coffee and knitted our fingers off we took a little walk. Now Monica is a fast walker and I hav eto almost run to catch up but thankfully she likes to take pictures too so I can usually distract her with interesting pictures so I can catch up! lol

Also this is the funniest thing ever.  There were two toilettes in Tiny’s Coffee.  Two, in one bathroom.  I was curious though why there was two.  I mean this was just one bathroom, and there is no separation between the two.  Seriously…Do you just walk up to someone in the shop and say “Hey, you don’t know me but look progressive enough to casually share a poop with me”.   The best part was that Monica had used this bathroom and didn’t notice the superfluous john.

This was a more industrial block than they other coffee shops have bene on and it was also raining but we did manage to find a few neat things.

I usually don’t agree with graffiti but this one right outside a boarded up church made me smile.

It seems that this neighborhood is in the middle of a revitalization. Half of the buildings look vacant while half look as though they had young residents with grand ambitions of fixing up these wonderful homes.

In other news it’s completely showing right now.  My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and she is expecting it to be clear and lovely and maybe rainy like I’ve been telling her but as I’m watching the snow accumulate and come down harder I’m a little worried that she may get more Minnesota than Washington.   We will manage though.  It will give me a great opportunity to take lots of new pictures and explore new places in Portland.

I’m working on  Irish Coffee and love it so far, I’m also working on putting together a scarf design and a new shawl which will be shown soon.


3 thoughts on “Tiny’s Coffee Meet Up

  1. Laptops in coffee shops – From my husband’s experience as a master’s student while working full time & being a parent of two young boys…it was one of the only places he could study. Later, when he was between jobs, it was a place to go to get away from the sameness of being at home every day while he was job-hunting.

    When I was writing, I often wished for a laptop, so I could move about and sit in a different locale for a while.

    I DO find it funny that SO many people spend so much time on computers in coffee shops, tho’!

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