Lets Talk About Drum Carders

Usually I’m not the person to find all those neato friday links.  I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the internet outside of flickr, ravelry, facebook, and my google reader (because I have to be up on my blogs ya know).  But every once in a while I find something that I really need to share, like right now, right here, and for all the people who might be searching for this very topic.

Drum carders are expensive. I know. If you spin and have bought a raw fleece you either have hand carded the entire thing (which really isn’t that big of a deal but it takes a while) or you have a friend (or a friend of a friend of a friend) that has a drum carder.  If you spin, you do know this person or are this person (Hi Suzie!).  So yeah, drum carders are expensive because they are a machine with moving parts that have to work in concert together and I get that.  It’s not something you are going to make in a weekend out of PVC pipe and some glue. (Well if you are then you are Macgyver and I salute you!).  Any internet search for drum carders will probably bring you to a faithful fiber site that sells all those big name brands.  Problem is, those big name brands are spendy! So most of us spinners covet from afar or like I said earlier make REALLY good friends with someone who owns a carder.

That is, until I found this little gem of a sight while searching craiglist.  I called because omg the price! THE PRICE!  Though it will never be “cheap” this is down right reasonable!  And I freaked out thinking that there was only one.  I called and a very nice young sounding man told me that no, there is not one, but they make them.  They make them, they are brand new and they are half the price of those big named brands.  Want even more awesomeness?  You get to CHOOSE for left handed or right handed on the crank.  Now I’m right handed and it’s not a big deal for me because almost everything comes right handed but I have a mom and a stepdad who are both left handed and I KNOW that for lefties, it’s a big deal that things like this, that you are going to use quite a bit, be comfortable.  How thoughtful is that?!  Pretty damn thoughtful I think. If you are interested in checking this out further the website is www.brotherdrumcarder.com and if you call the people are extremely friendly.  The shipping was SO FAST and I was able to get up and running in 3 days of ordering.

Brother DrumCarder

Just think of the world of possibilities this opens up!  You can card in bats and have an entire fleece done in a matter of an day tops!  You then get to spin to your hearts delight and my favorite part, KNIT!  I am on a one woman personal movement to spin every kind of sheep I can.  BFL and merino are ok but they are everywhere and I want something different.  Which means that I am now buying entire fleeces that have to be washed and carded (which is another post completely).  Not only that, but if I were so inclined I could BLEND fibers. Crazy bananas I know, but it’s true!  All because I found a locally made carder that saved my budget and increased production.  Talk about a happy camper. (And yes, I will be your friend that has the carder lol, come on over!).

In the next post I will have some pretty fluffy Tarhgee bats to show off.  Did you know that a Tarhgee fleece is like 8lbs? Yeah, that’s a lot of fiber and a lot of bats so I will probably be selling at least half because I’ m not that fast of a spinner.  If you are interested in unique and hard to find sheep fibers stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Drum Carders

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  2. oh darling daughter do i love reading your blog,it is the high point of my day, esp. when i am at work, you are so funny, it is like you are right here or i am right there, which i will be soon, finally have fridays off again yeah!!!
    am starting to think pack and i am fulmixed a little but swear i am traveling lite and that’s that, slightly pissed that i can’t take scissors so no to cross stictch to pass the time, oh well i’ll read.
    love mom
    can you teach me to card?

  3. Have you played with it??? How does it stack up against others that you’ve used? I have been sitting here trying not to hit the “buy” button before researching this properly. After all, $280 is still a lot of money if the product is crap. Since this is such a new company, I’ve been trolling blogs, looking for folks who have used the Brother carder. How does it handle and what are the results like? Also, how wide is it?

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  5. I Googled left handed drum carder. Your blog post came up. Thanks for including the link to Brothers. I buy whole Shetland fleeces and have been processing them by hand, literally!!
    I like the look of the yarn when I spin it by the lock. Very time consuming to say the least. So I just bought a Brother Carder today. Its my first carder ever…..Excitedly looking forward to speeding things up and learning new things!!!!!
    Thanks and I’ll be reading your blog from now on ;-D

  6. How do you like your Brother Carder? I am looking at a couple of brands, but still considering. Are you happy with the use and the finished product. (love your humor BTW)!

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